Wednesday, June 30

Inside the Cottage

Hi, Just thought I would show a few pictures of the changes I have made Inside this Season...

Yes, Can you believe....this little Canned Ham has been to Alaska and back? This IS The ORIGINAL Travel Sticker placed there on the side of the Cabinet about 45 years ago....

Left Side ...

Right Side...My Blue Bird Mascot sits on some books on the left, I had to have it, looks just like the one I have in my logo, I found the bird, After my logo was made

Cowgirl Boot with Faux WildFlowers (so that I am not tempted to pick the flowers at my State Park...that's a No, No...) Oh, and a Birdy

Here is the "Revised" version of my little dining area...
I purchased the black and white checked gingham yardage ( 5 yards ) at Salvation Army @ $4.00 I just couldn't pass it up. I like it better than the all White Vintage Bedspread I used last year...I think it gives it a more coordinated, put together kind of feel...what do you think?

Left Side

Right Side

I can't bear to cut any of these beautiful pieces of fabric, the table cloth fabric is a gift of a yard of fabric from a wonderful gal / designer named Jennifer Pagnelli. She Gifted me this fabric to me last year when I had just finished my trailer. I was So Surprised and honored by her Generosity! I plan on using more of her lovely fabric very soon.
The matching pillow to the table cloth fabric is sewn with the trim from the leftover curtain fabric, but the floral cotton tea towel pillow, is folded over a pillow insert, and pinned using a safety pin...I just couldn't bear to cut it :D, and the yellow fabric as well, it is simply folded over the pillow and pinned in place. Oh, and I guess I am a little Lazy with my Sewing too "D but, that way, I can change my mind ( I do this quite often) and use the fabric for something else...See, I have it all figured out "D

Instead of This:

My Vintage 1964 Michigan Trailer Plate and my vintage Michigan Souvenir Plate

My Matching Soap Dispenser (photo copied curtain fabric)

Better Crocker's Outdoor Cook Book in a garage sale find...

Howell, Dairy Advertisement Napkin Holder

$2 Dollar Garage Sale Christmas Globe, All Lit Up!

Dinner Prep ...Still need to post my recipe for Mediterranean Lemon Cilantro Pesto Chicken with Vegetable Rice Pilaf

The Perfect Place for my Happy Camper Jamboree Tag

Saying goodbye for now...until next time,

Miles of Smiles,


TX Doodler said...

OMGosh! She's adorable, Christine! You've put so much personality in her! I love all the vintage Michigan pieces & how cool is the Alaska sticker! Couple of my favorite pieces are-your little red perculator & the cowgirl pillows! K-u-t-e! Can't wait to read about all your up coming travels. Your new blog design totally rocks!

Jill said...

I'm so lovin' your little trailer! It's adorable! It's like having a playhouse on wheels-- I want one so I can play too!

AshTreeCottage said...

Hi Christine! Your little trailer is so very cute. My hubby and I are on the lookout for an old little trailer. I am so inspired by your darling little home on wheels! Have a very happy 4th!!

Susan and Bentley

KrisMcmillen07星美 said...
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barncat said...

Both your campers are so fun, the real one and the paper one! I've got one of mine waiting for you here. :)

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