Tuesday, July 13

Down the Road...and Back Again!

Here's ME ....taking pictures while driving....hmmn..I don't recommend this...but, I just had to show you all!

I Did It!

Here I am!

And....Drum Roll Please....I Arrived....After a three hour drive and one hour Parking Lesson ;D

I Won the Tin Can Tourists "Parking Award "

Pink Framed Certificate
I had to go up to receive it after the the Big Band played...
How embarrassing....but , in a fun way! "D

What A Wonderful Time I had with
A group of incredibly Nice people, that I am very proud to call my new found friends

Thank you to All my Blog Gals out there who encouraged me to be brave and Just "go for it"....I am So Glad I Did!

Thank -You!

My Croquet set was a big hit

I'm A Happy Camper!

Here's just a Few of the Trailers that I had the pleasure to Camp with, the first words that came out of my mouth as I drove into Port Crescent State Park were, " I Died and went To Heaven"

The Man Cave

This Man did Everything himself
I mean everything, from the restoration, to the decorating and he even Cooks...
I asked him, "What time are your lessons"
for my Dear Husband ;D

Hunting and Fishing Theme

All Wood Wonder

With the Help from several of this couples friends, they have made this trailer into a show piece , Wow!

Sorry, I missed a pic of the best area, the Kitchen...the cupboard
t rimed beautifully in wood

Even the Flat Screen TV over the bed is Trimmed in Real Wood

The Airstream Guy - John the Rally Host

Another ,Sweet Lady... Sweet Trailer

Hmmm....Who's this Remind You of ?

My Twin... The Older Sister of My Trailer A 1962 Compact A Lovely Couple from Florida own this beauty! With it's 60's Beatles theme See her John Lennon plate with "Can Ham" on it

Even a Black and White Trailer Awning...

Thermos's of BUG JUICE!

Bug Juice....for Cocktail Hour Fun
A Mixture of Vernors ( a Michigan ginger ale) and a flavored Vodka...can't remember which flavor, but , mm.. good!

Well, that's all I have for now....

Click on the TinCan Tourists TCT Link Below
and/or Blog Post Title " Down the road and back Again" for even More Photos to Swoom Over!

Good People...Good Times!!!


ju吳phe宇te佳ns said...
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Jill said...

Ohmygosh- I'm dyin' here! I LOVE that you got the parking award!!! That is just too darn cute!

Wow, those trailers are all so incredible! I'm more jealous than ever-- I really, really want a vintage trailer. It looks so fun. I absolutely loved how you had it set up. Love the canopy, love everything. Sounds like a great group of people too.

I'm just so excited for you, Woman of Today, trailer parking extraordinaire!


TX Doodler said...

Parking Extrodinaire, you sooo totally rock!!! Way to go Christine! I'm so excited that you went & I was praying for your adventure. Looks like so much! Love the crouquet set. And the man cave guy's set up is kewl~is that actually a taxidermed racoon on his awning? Giggles....
When I was a teenage camp counselor we use to make the kids what we called "bug juice"(generic koolaide). Wow, definitely not the same thing. Can you imagine the littles running around tipsy from lunch? Lol!

Kristine said...

Hmm, was Mr. Man Cave single?? ;) Love your blog!

Jen said...

So glad you went, met a bunch of great people, saw cute trailers (LOVE the b&w awning!) and had a great time! Isn't Port Crescent beautiful?

王春蕙王春蕙 said...
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Cheyenne said...

Gosh-just found your blog and am loving it! So fun! I love the pictures of all the trailers...I will be looking them over for every last detail. This kind of stuff makes life so fun-I just LOVE IT!

barncat said...

So glad you went and had a wonderful time! Love looking at the pics of all the other trailers too, so fun!

Debra Ganas said...

Thank you of the wonderful pictures. My Hubby and I JUST bought a tiny camper and are so excited abput fixing it up. And thank you for that wonderful link.

Debra Ganas

楊偉馨楊偉馨 said...
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Creative Breathing said...

What a treat to see all of these vintage campers in real life! I can't get over how people stage them. It's like a car show for campers! I particularly liked the touch of old aluminum chairs with plastic woven seats. Oh my gosh I never have known anyone to throw those things away! "They can be rewoven" I can hear my older relatives saying. Such a fun post! Elizabeth

方偉白方偉白 said...
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Paula Clare said...

Hi Christine!
How FABulous that you won the parking award! My husband would win the "who takes the longest to park the smallest camper" award. We are both REEEEEEEALLY bad at the backing up thing...argh!

Such a wonderful way to spend a week! LOVE!

Thirty-Six Ten said...

ewwww! I am green with envy! I so want to do that! Maybe someday......

Lallee said...

How fun to see all the campers! Looked like a blast!

Cindy @ Barkley Hall said...

Congrats on your parking award! I have been enjoying your blog and LOVE all the pictures of the various trailers. It is so interesting to see all the different ways that people decorate their little homes on wheels! Congrats again on your award. I would have taken out half of the campground I afraid!!

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