Monday, August 15

Surprised to see my Cans were used in Rachelle Friedman's Wedding

You will see the Containers (the Honey label) here if you Pause the video at 1:56 into the video and then again at 3:50 on the video you will see Five more of my Containers with flowers on the Fireplace Mantel of this Magical Wedding...

Just Discovered that my Cans used as floral display containers, were used at North Carolin's Fearington Village
by Fearington Flowers floral designers where Rachelle Friedman's Wedding was held.  
This was the poor gal that became paralyzed after a terrible accident at her bacholerette party , but had such a Positive attitude through it all.  She was gifted a beautiful wedding by 
1800 that took place in a beautiful and magical setting of Fearington's Barn 
Wow! I am so surprised and happy I became part of such a
Positive and Inspiring News Story...
and Very fitting, seeing that Today, August 15th, is my
24th Wedding Anniversary 

I am Inspired and Touched by they're
Love and Compassion
Bless them Both!


hoosiergirl said...

CUTE blog! In fact, all your cute pics almost make me want to find my own "tin can" to rejuvenate...


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