Thursday, August 25

Treasures Found - Everything But the Kitchen Sink...Oh, I bought that too..

Now for the Treasures ...

Everything But the Kitchen Sink....Oh...
I bought that Too! :"D

Cu Cu ru cu cu...
( He's a Spanish Speaking Rooster )

Just a Few Things "D 
I found on my Longest Garage Sale Trip...

12 Pin Wheel Souvenir Fans
Assorted Colors
Need One? Just Gotta Have One?

It's My "Free Gift Friday - Giveaway" 

I will give away 6 Six to the First 6 Six Comment Postings
I will Contact You by Monday to see what Color You would like

 Two Dollars worth of Vintage Spools...wooden and plastic mixed...the Kmart ones make me smile...
I will save them for my next craft project I saw on "Georgie Peachez" Blog

 Vintage Michigan Navy Bean Bag...Just had to had to have

 Everything and the Kitchen Sink too...

 Look at the Graphic on This ...

  Vintage Refrigerator...still has the Freeze drawer...
Wow...Look at the Door Graphics....Adorable!

Vintage Cardboard Puzzles...I Couldn't Resist em....
 Mooooooo...Says the Cow 

 Baa...says the Lamb 

 Toot ...says a horn

 Doggy Says...Bow Wow...

Quack ...says the Duck

The Wind goes ....Wooooooo....

They  Would Look Adorable Framed in Red Frames 
and Hung on a Wall  Together

 Got this display rack for .50 cents
I already had the Vintage Red "clearance" and "Sale" sign
I just slipped it in the top holders built especially for this purpose...and Voila...What A Find! 
I will use it in my Craft Room to hold ....something..or 
Maybe in my Flea Market Setup

 Nabisco "Mr. Pretzel" 
Free with Purchase of my Refrigerator
He was still in plastic packaging 
"took him out immediately, of course...he couldn't breath you know "D"


Vintage Carafe and Three Glass Set Made in Mexico 
Wonderful Rooster Graphics 

Couldn't Resist this little Baby blue Plastic Swan...all lonely laying in a big box...probably used as a Vintage Wedding or Baby Shower Favor, I asked the Vender if she had any more...she said it was the only one, So she said,  "You Can Have it" ... "Free"

 Box Full of Vintage Ornaments...Wow! TWO DOLLARS!!!
Picture doesn't show all of the Adorabl-ness...will take more pics..

Vintage Doll House Tea Set   
  Made in Japan

 My Little Pixie
His Name is "Free"

Vintage Farm House Style Cotton Table Cloths
See The Bottom one Vintage 50's In the box..."brand-new"   "Never Opened"
with Four matching Napkins 
Wow...what a find!

Pixie - Free


Adorable Little Runaway...I gave her a new "toothpick"
walking stick so she can walk a few more miles..."D


Bright Eyed Plastic Pixie
Just becuase I said he was cute...didn't even buy anything from this vendor...
Just a Kind gesture...I meet such nice people when I'm out
Treasure Hunting

Thanx for Stopping By ...

I hope You Found Something that made you Smile!


Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

Oh everything is so adorable!! So many great finds!! I am really loving the Bean Bag though!

Great to see you back, and I have no idea how I've missed your last few posts! :)

-Many Smiles & Hugs!!

Cindy said...

Girl you said it was yard sales...all I see was I do believe you are a natural sales person!!

You really did good. How far did you travel? Someday I plan on doing this!!

Hugs and stay safe from Irene.

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Maureen F. said...

WOWZA - I am so jealous - we like the same things - I LOVE THE METAL KITCHEN SET !!!! I really need to plan on going next year. I can't imagine what I would come home with - thanks for sharing !

Donnamo said...

Ohhhhh I so want a vintage glamper but all the one I see on ebay are west of the Mississippi....I love yours and all your treasures...thanks for sharing!

Erin said...

Oh hope I'm in time for a freebie.


Annie said...

I love all of the treasures that you found and how nice that you were given things....


Kelle said...

Looks like you found some great stuff! I love the little appliances! How far did you make it on the longest yard sale? Oh and did you take your Shasta or did she stay home? I wanted to go pretty bad but couldn't make it this year. Next year for sure though!

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Christine...Oh my goodness sakes!!!! Your vintage camper and website is so so so darling! I can't wait till I have time to just read all through it. Thank you for clearing up the confusion. I will definetly be introducing/featuring you on Nora Pearl. My main blog is Sea Cottage so I don't have alot of time to give to Nora Pearl...but have already gotten over a 100 followers so I thought I should try to connect with all the Glampers out there. I look forward to getting to know you! ox

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