Friday, December 23

Baking Blogging and Baking...

 Still in the Kitchen...Baking Holiday Treats

All My Christmas Cookie and Candy Recipes
are written in here, it is a Hallmark Christmas Recipe Card Holder, "Eats Treats and Holiday Sweets"
My Aunt Sylvia gave it to me two Christmas' before she passed away, It means a lot to me :D
She always encouraged my Baking and Cooking
 I pretty much Bake the Same Collection Every Year
With a few different flavors of Truffles thrown in

  Coconut Macaroons


 Pressed Cookies, Poinsettias and Trees


My Jolly Old Santa Cookie 


A Few Holiday Friends to Keep me company in the Kitchen  

 My Coffee Snowman..."this one keeps me going" 


Mrs, Snow 

Up-cycled Art
Clay type of Head with Vintage Light bulb for Nose
Vegetable Hairnet Cap for Hat on a Vintage Jar filled with Sparkly Snow and a Vintage Bird Card
Made by a Locaal Artist here in Michigan
Just Love it!

  Micro Mini Gingerbread House

**  A D O R A B L E  ** 

(Can't believe what they sell at the Dollar Tree)
unfortunately,  made in China...wanted to stay away from that this year, 
but, just had to have it..maybe I will try making them myself next year :D 

Bake to the Baking!


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