Tuesday, February 7

Flea Market and Thrift Store Finds - Great Stuff!

Found Four Identical Crocheted Plates...Wow...
Had to Buy them All
Will Sell One or Two , Check My Etsy Store if You are Interested in one of these Adorable Cottage Kitchen Cutsies!

 I LOVE...vintage Grocery Store Cans and Jars
they all had Dirty Nuts and Bolts of Various types, didn't deter me...though, Nope! "D
Cleaned them up , and put them on my Shelf!


 Ahhhh...Another Birdie...Couldn't pass this Vintage Clip-on 

More Birds...Of Course.."D
And, another Dart Board, the Blue One in Back...
Don't ask, "D I started this collection last Summer
I have a Yellow one too
Now, I just Can't Pass them Up!



Jill said...

I love that "Great Stuff" can-- such a great find! It's so fun to come across great stuff like that~ even when you have to find a new home for a bunch of rusty nuts and bolts!

JunqueMagnet said...

Great Stuff indeed. Enjoy!

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