Tuesday, August 21

The Lake Huron Yard Sale Trail...Don't Rain on My Parade

First Stop....The "Man Stuff"Garage Sale
It was actually my favorite set-up sale of the day.  He had everything a hunter needed and more, like vintage native American pieces, rustic decor, fishing , gun and knife, and even these lovely fish and buck mounts.  Though I or myself or my husband don't hunt, I appreciate the sport and the passion behind it.

This is what I bought...It will become a little side strap purse, I actually told the vendor what I was going to use it for...he didn't flinch...he must be married..."D


 This Ol'Minnow Pail...where else could I find such a lovely Minnow Pail with such Lovely Graphics...I've been looking for now, my Find of the Day for Sure!

Back on the Road again...Scenes along the way...

I don't know bout' you...but I see Two Huge Teddy Bears as I got out of the car for a yard sale stop...maybe I was getting too hungry..."D

I Guess it's time for Some Dinner

 Fancy Food from a Restaurant straight out of the 80's...the decor was mauve and blue poof valances...Remember those?:D ( I was too embarrassed to take pictures inside )

Food was tasty though...

Steak Oscar and Fish Oscar

The View Even Better... looking right onto Lake Huron across the boarder to Canada

Me...wrinkled (the shorts:) and Flat (the hair) after a long day in rain and sun but, enjoying Yard Sales and Flea Market Fun...:D

 Oh No...Looks like Rain Again...

 Here are a Few of the fun things I found along the way... 
An Adorable Pair of Cross Stitched Cowboy and Cowgirl Pillows
( they were dirty...but I could see how cute they were, and they washed up really well! at just $5 for the pair, I couldn't pass them up

 This "simply Ironic framed Cross fitting for the day...

Vintage Napco Birthday knick-knack...just happens to be my Birth her...broken wing and all..

 I can never pass up coffee cans...$1 for this one...great graphics...and some chicken wire thrown in for Free

 This Adorable 60-70's Tote Bag, like new....50 cents

 About 16 Rogers Silverware...$5 for All

One final stop for the Day...
Achatz...Famous for their Homemade Pies...
My favorite is the Lemon Merangue pie...of course, they ran out..."D
but that's ok...I never met a slice of pie I didn't like...
I picked the Coconut Cream one instead....
Mmmmm...that's a Good One too!
 and Just in time to...we all had to eat our dessert's began to rain again....

Thanx for comming along on my longest Yard Sale Trip...

Hope Your Day is a Lovely One!

Friday, August 10

A New Garden Bench and The Largest Yard Sale Trail

A New Potting Bench from some of my recent Flea Market Finds... 

Last weekend I found two of these six pane window frames @15 for both
I couldn't pass them up...The Bench or Table was found last year at a Garage Sale
with a 4 shelf top, I snapped it up for $25 dollars...not sure what I'll do with the Top..
I figure out something "D
I Clear coated the whole thing with flat poly finish...just intime, 
It's Pouring here in Michigan.for most of the day
Sure home it let's up soon...I've got BIG Garage Sale plans for the Weekend...

Fun Flea Market Items added this adorable Tin Grass Hopper...found Years ago...maybe a it made this Real Grass Hopper feel right at home..."D

Grass Hopper Approved!

Rain or No Rain...
I'm Heading off to the Yard Sale Trail here in Michigan's Beautiful Lake Huron Waterfront

Pic - Courtesy of my new Blog Friend Roxie of Sweet Vintage of Mine

Have A Wonderful Weekend!

Tuesday, July 10

Small Low or No Cost Changes Make the Biggest Differences


Some Small Low or No Cost 

Changes I've made inside the Cottage...

I took the Door Off the Closet...I do miss my Fancy Mirror..

but, it really makes it feel open and airy, and I don't have to mess with it,

everytime I want to get something out of the closet...

I added a Vintage piece of Floral Barkcloth I've had in my stash for over 15 of my first Estate Sale picks  

I think I will keep it this way...

(I have stored the door safely away for the time being )

Added a handkerchief valence...only took a pic of the one window

This is the .25 cent 50's Gold Sconce I bought ...while my husband asked; Why? Do You want that?  Of Course, I bought it anyway..."D

I painted it out white, took off the burnt 50's plastic flat shade, added a piece of burlap ( I may add a piece of vintage fabric instead, but, for now,
this will do...It really looks neat lit up...) 


Took down my black spice rack...Added this little two shelved knick knack shelf..., I want to paint it out a rustic robin's egg blue, for now, I left it as found, to make sure I liked it there..

A small vintage mirror, a Beautiful English China Plate and Tray, found Flea Marketing this Spring

 The "Free" Over the Sink top Cutting Board...remember, the one I saw in the "Free" Box, just as I was leaving with my Cart of Treasures from the Church Rummage Sale..Luck Me...It Fits!!! Yeah!!!

Can a Girl EVER have Enough Chandeliers?
added another small one on my roof vent..."D



Dreamin' bout my next Glamping Trip... 

How bout You?...What are you up to?

Thanx for Stopping by


Thanx For Stopping By..
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