Wednesday, February 25

MY first post

Waiting for something to talk about...well maybe this qualifies. I will Share My Adventures turning a Vintage Tin Can Travel Trailer into My Dream Cottage on Wheels! Though I Do not have the very first pics of the little lovely I won 3 years ago on Ebay, I will be posting pics of its transformation from this point on. Although mostly Cosmetic , since My Husband started this project 3 years ago, though, I have to say , It has not been sitting out of neglect on his part,
the issue was sadly the norm these days , was money. But we have been blessed with a little more these days, and will be continuing to refurbish this little gem. I hope you will be entertained as much as I am , as I make the finishing touches on my little Rolling Cottage!

I have learned many things along the road these past 3 years,
Patience for one thing, money became tight around here when my husband lost his job here in Michigan in the Automotive Industry...we skinned the poor thing and it was put in our two car attached garage Naked since then. She has been sitting waiting for dreams to turn her into a magical little cottage on wheels, Wait, was I speaking of the Trailer or Me?, Anyway ,

Here it Begins.... Maybe I can pass on Some Wisdom Along the Way!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Yoohoo...I am SO envious! -smile- One of my dreams is to find a vintage trailer but until I do, I'll follow your blog. Congratulations and am looking forward to seeing how things develop.
The Tincan Cottage...luv that name!
P. S. great calendar, it's the same one on my blog -smile-
God's blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

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