Friday, February 27

Flaunt Your Red Friday

Hi, Not Much to Look at Right Now....But Here is My RED Vintage (old / new stock) Red Sink that will be going into my Counter Very Soon! I Found this By Accident when we were in Indiana just looking for trailer lights.....and there was a rack of three "old stock" New Red Enamel Metal Sinks, Tags still in place from the 60's! (I kept it in my memorie file) I Could'nt Believe it! We offered $15 and they said yes!

I'll Be:

My Next Progect Is......

Putting down this Mosaic of Vintage Travel State Plates and Souvenir Tile chards that will become my Countertop

Fun Vintage Souvenir State Plates Chard's From Vintage Hippie on ETSY! She Has Alot of other Patterns , Flowers and even some handmade jewelery, be sure to stop by her Shop to see! Click on the Link at the Right of my blog.

Mosaic Tile Pieces for Kitchen Counter Top

More Tiles I'll Use for the Counter Top

More Pictures of the Dusty RED Sink!

Counter Top View

Electricals Hanging...Ready to be ElEcTrOfIeD!!!

Right Side Storage The Trailer for All the KnickKnacks I've Been

More Space For Knick-knacks!

View from Front to Back

Vintage Looking (Lowes) Black and White Tiles For Floor
Bench Seats Are On Either Side ...will be Showing More Pics of Those Soon
The Seats Are HIS and HERS Beds that Slide Out to become about the Size of a Queen the entire width of trailer which is about 6 ft.
Since the Trailer a 1964 Shasta Compact 10 x 6 (not including the hitch) would be a total of 12 ft, Came with what they call Wings....for the back outside , look like Thunderbird, but, did come with appliances...I looked for a vintage stove, but they are hard to find, so I decided to Re-Do the whole Layout with Modern Appliances, maybe I can Hide them with a Little Vintage Curtain on a Tension Rod just Under the Sink.

Nice Kitchen Counter Top Area where Sink will be cut/set into, the Microwave Oven will go (middle), Tiny Refrigerator (right)
and Two Drawers already there, and (below /middle) will be either A large Drawer or a Basket, If I Can Find One That Fits....crossing my fingers on that one! On the Left will be the Original Door to cover Shelves for all those Dish Washing Essentials! I Will Be Buying a New Electric 2 Burner Removeable Stove Top...I Saw A Nice One At WalMart with Solid Cast Iron Burners, I Decided to this so that I Can Have Plenty of Room to Spread Out and Use when I'm Not Using the burners , I will put it Away and I wll Have the Whole Counter to the right of the sink. I Think this will really work out well for me. Since I Do Love to Bake (believe it or not) when I'm camping, I will Also be purchasing a small Convection Oven that can also be stored in the closet when not in use. As You Can See....My Mind Has Been Busy....As...A....Beee trying to think of everything. I'm Dreamin Big on A Small Budget! But I'm getting there, Slowly but Surely! I Plan on Blogging as Much as Possible Along the way, Please Stay Tuned! More To Come!


The Vintage Housewife... said...

hello trailer sister...thank you for your heartfelt kind words and prayers...i am excited to meet your trailer...oooh i was in your place just a few months ago restoration highway...hold on tight its gonna be a good ride...glad you have found the beehive cottage miss bee is my good friend...we love our lil'trailers...and go out camping together...glad you found me, can't wait to see your adventure...blessings cat

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh, this is so much fun! Noticed you met my dear sweet friend Cat and her Pink Cupcake! Love her to pieces! Your trailer is sure coming along and I can't wait to see your red sink and mosaic counter all done up! What a cutie pie trailer you have in the making! I could just scream!

Hugs, Maryjane

cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

This transformation/restoration is sure going to be fun to follow!!!! Love the red sink and plate chards........what a wonderful idea!!

Thank you for visiting the other day....I remember when growing up in MI, that seeing the bluebirds was one of the first signs of spring!!

Can't wait to see that countertop!!! :) ~Cheryl

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit. It is so nice to meet you! I grew up in Hell, Michigan....

How fun that you are refurbishing the vintage Shasta Trailer. Growing up in Michigan we spent summers camping until I was a freshman in High School. Then my parents bought a campground in Fitchburg and we spent our summers running the campground. Great memories.

I love the mosaic you are going to create as your counter top! That will be fabulous. Have to done mosaics before?

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

How fun to be creating a cottage trailer. You know I have always wanted to do this. I was just talking to my husband about it the other day and low and behold I find your blog!. As a youngster my family would go camping a lot, it was what we did as a family we graduated from a tent to a trailer and I think that is when I started dreaming of decorating a trailer. I think maybe in a way its like a doll house or play house. I will be back many times to see how you are coming alone. By the way love, love your red sink.
Have a great day,

TX Doodler said...

Love your style & all the perfect touches you're piecing together! Your "tin can cottage" is going to be simply dreamy. Can't wait to see more. Your blog design makes me smile-especially the glitter & vintage print! It's very heart warming & reminds me of receiving a handmade card in the mail, from a close friend. I'm subscribing as a follower-because I don't want to miss your journey. What fun!

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