Wednesday, March 4

I Found this Picture the other Day, This is The Exact Type of Trailer that Iam Working On: A Shasta Compaq...I'll Call that Compact AlRight! Look At Those Wings! She's Surely Going to FLY! ...The Flying Ham!
Surpisedly, It Is Pretty Spacious Inside! This is a Great Picture of the Outside, Since I didnt have much to show being that mine is Crammed in My Two Car Garage . LOL :D
Anyway, My Little Cutsie Trailer SHINY, SHINY, SHINY, without any color; My Husband likes this Idea , but It would surely take Alot of Work Buffing It Out. The Other Choice is to Paint the Bottom Only (under the Shiny ZigZag, but I Can't seem to Decide what color that should be, Most Times its Pink, Sometimes I want Red Sometimes I want Powder Blue and Sometimes I even want Pale Yellow. What do You All Think? Here Are My Inspiration Pictures....See What You Can Come Up With....

Some Lucky Girls' Trailer!

I Love The PatchWork of Vintage TableClothes under this Farm Sink!

Some More Pictures of Color and Decor Inspiration!

Also, I Found A Wonderful Artist's Blog Accident! THE COMFORTS OF HOME BY Penny A True Mosaic Artist! She's MY Inspiration! Im Including the Link to Her Blog and to Her Mosaic Shop! Be Sure to Check Her Out!


Cathy Cobblestone said...

Oh I jus' don't know how you are going to decide on what color - but I'm sure any of them will be darlin'. That is so exciting - ever since Mary Jane Lee started posting about sisters on the fly - I've wanted one of these. Even if I don't ever go camping - jus' to have one to decorate would be fun enough. I love your pink inspiration one - and even a bicycle to match - that's the life. And the name of your blog "Tin Can Cottage" - now, that is jus' the cutest. Thanks for stopping by! Have fun with your project!! Blessings, Cathy

cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

For me it would definitely be the baby blue on the bottom and a creamy white on top! I think it is a great 50's vintage color and I love reds and pinks and soft yellows with it!! Oohlala!

So for your inspiration photos, the baby blue tiles and the pic of the bed with all the different floral pillows, duvet etc! Too darn cute. I also love the kitchen photo!!

That trailer is just adorable!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

OOOOOH!! I just love the inspiration pictures! You have no idea how happy I am I found your blog! I know it's just getting started, but I am so excited about your blog! :D
I love vintage things, and most people around me just don't get it! haha My mom just shrugs it off and tells me I'm an old soul born in the wrong generation! haha She is wrong about the whole 'wrong generation' thing though; it wouldn't have been as interesting to me then! haha I love that second picture! That's just so great!
I don't really know I like the powder blur or yellow idea. Actually, I really like the red idea as well! Maybe a red and white! Shew, I don't know! I would change my mind a kazzilion times! haha
Anywho, I'm looking forward to reading your blog! I'm also looking forward to checking out your Etsy shop after this!

Have a fantastic day!

Elyse said...

hi! i noticed the name of your blog over at the beehive cottage and knew i had to come and say hi! tin can, glitter, cute fabrics! i'm so glad i stopped by. so fun!!!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

I think the Yellow would be great and so happy!. I do love all the floral prints and any print would be perfect. How fun to keep dreaming of ways to decorate your little tin can. I am adding you to my favorites.
Have a creative day,

The Vintage Housewife... said...

hello kitten and thanks for swingin' by my place...ooooooooh you never can pick one color...i want a red one, a yellow theme and then another....eekkkkkk they are so much fun! many of my sisters{on the fly} have more than one i sure know why...i love the yellow because you can add the red and blue to it...then you have much more options to collect goodies...i love the red look like your doing a great job...yippy ooooh and i just got my gotta get one of those....have a great time with your sweet

jAne said...

Very nice. :o)

We had a 16 foot vintage trailer and sold it to friends of ours ( then bought a 24 foot vintage and completely redid the interior. For curtains and slipcovers we used Ralph Lauren sheets in the Charlotte pattern. My husband put down laminate flooring to match the walls and ceiling. It's nothing short of gorgeous and truly the only way to camp! :o)

Check out Mary Jane's Farm magazine (April issue). There's a spread on vintage trailers there.


fairmaiden said...

Hi! I'm the one jAne sold the 16ft vintage trailer to. We call her "The Nora Pearl" after my great~grandmother. I mostly refer to her as our Cottage Camper. She is just the perfect size for my dear hubby and I. But we do have four growing up children, so we still camp with the 3 bedroom Coleman tent next to her. Us girls get the trailer and the boys sleep in the tent. One day though, it will be just dear hubby, I, and our puppy. Come on over and take a look. I have a pic of our Cottage Camper on the side and if you scroll down you can look under the topic for cottage camper and see posts about her. I am still working on the inside. One day I hope it will be a beach shabby chic style.

OH, I lOvE the PiNk for your trailer!

L said...


I'm having Farm Sink envy!
Not to mention coveting the PINK trailer!

Thanks for your comments on my blog....I'll work on a photo of my 'pig' collection.

Happy Spring!

from SagePatch

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your post today! I love all of the colors you have picked!

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