Sunday, March 8

Hi Marge? Guess What? I Have My First Follower! I'm So Excited! I Couldn't Wait to Tell SomeOne! She's Such A Sweetie! And Creative Too! Oh...And She Loves To Cook, From Scratch! And She Has A Really Pretty Blog too! I Know....I Simply Must Send Her A Special Gift to Say How Much I Appreciate Her. Of Course you can meet her Marge, Make A Pot of Coffee and We'll Be Right Over.


Ashley said...

Oh wow. It's me! haha Thanks for all the sweet stuff you said up there! :D
A special gift? Oh boy! haha

Thistle Cove Farm said...

P. S. I'm a low tech geek so not sure of the terminology...your blog address is showing up as .' or some such...but not the name thetincancotage...I can't figure it out but thought you'd want to know.
I came here from a visit on another site but...blast...can't remember the site!

cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

Oh good ~ I can leave a comment wouldn't let me yesterday. Phew!

Wanted to tell you that this was the cutest ever, clever, post!! Made me laugh ~ and Thistle Cove is need to correct your blog name on your profile says .' or something like that!

jAne said...

Thanks for visiting Tickleberry Farm. Tickleberry is a new blog but I have a private one that's been going for a couple years now. Going public is a fun way to meet new people, such as yourself. I'll be sharing pictures of our *vacation home* soon. :o)


The TinCan Cottage said...

Hi, Thanx!:) I Think I Fixed it For Good!:) Let Me Know if It Still Comes Up/Doesn't Come Up Thanx Everyone!:)

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