Friday, March 13

My Little LENA ~ A Face Only A Mother Could Love!

Since there was not so much going on with my Little Trailer...I decided to show my Other Little Sweetie..., My Little Lena, a Yorkie-Chi , or as they used to be called when I was a Child, :) A Mut 'D

She Is Like Having A Child, and is the reason why Artists have Cats! She demands A LOT or should I say ALL my Attention, if I do not show her Quality time throughout our day, I feel terribly guilty! That Quality time would consist of several walks...hopefully at a nearby Park, playing catch with one several of her toys...and hand feeding her, because she does not really like eating from a dish. She only eats her Mommas' Homemade Dog food, which is made from fresh Chicken with carrots peas or Beef, because she is gluten and yeast intolerant, she begins itching her Eye or Ears constantly if she is given , anything made from flour. And, Of Course, I Love Her To Pieces! I get back so much from her, she Loves me Unconditionally, and She Inspires me creatively as well, I have painted her portrait, and even a Crocheted Toy I made in her likeness, down to the Itchy Black Swollen Eye :) and dressed in a Vintage Han-kerchief Dress and Broach. Perhaps , only a face a Mother could love, and Ohhhh, How I Love Her So!

And Of course, I Can not Forget About Her Older Brother LOUIE, He is A Amazon Yorkie at a wopping 13 lbs...he's not Fat Just A Tall , Strong Big Boy! I Love Him So!!! he has a Beautiful Face, and gives me a Real Smile at me when I come home.
When he was a puppy, I had left him home alone for the first time, and when I opened the door front door to come into the house, he was jumping up and down, and showing his teeth, I was frightened right away, I said to my husband, there's something wrong with Louie, he's foaming at the mouth....well we were careful to go into the house, and we figured out later, that all he was doing was smiling at us as we returned home

And, Oh...Louie Also prefers Momma's Homemade Dog food...He doesn't Itch Anywhere, but, Lets Just Say...he doesn't Digest canned food Very Well :C YUK!


TX Doodler said...

Lena and Louie are precious pups! I love the crocheted version of Lena you created! I had no idea that dogs could be gluten & yeast intolerant. You're one good Momma to make them a special din-din & hand feed too. You've inspired me once again & hope to post about my australian labradoodle, Sydney (hence my blog name TX Doodler). I'll be sure & link back when I get a chance.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Lena and Louie are both adorable! I am honored that you mentioned me on your blog! Have a great week!

Ashley said...

How adorable!

Thank you for such a kind comment you left me! Oh man, how I wish I had some daylilies! It was pretty warm today, but tomorrow it's suppose to be close to 75! yay!
That's so kind that you want to send me a gift!!

I'm going to check out your shop here shortly!

Have a super awesome week!

L said...

Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say Hello :)

We share a lot of the same fav blogs to read, as well as a 'difficult few years', Etsy and going through empty nest syndrome!

Love your vintage tin can candles; very clever indeed.

Please come visit my blog when you have time.

Warm wishes~

Sage Patch

Anonymous said...

Just found you through little nest studios,I love your halloween decorating,cant wait for tomorrow.Your dogs are so cute,Ive got 2 yorkies,jack & rose,my dog jack has some sort of allergie and Ive been back and for the vet with him for the past few months,hes being treated for a few things but I wonder if hes allergic to his dog food,I may just make my own like you,they always prefer our food much more when they have little treats.hope you have a lovely day,xxxjulie

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