Tuesday, March 17


Hello to Everyone! A Little Leprechaun friend stopped by to say: An Irish Blessing On You!
Though I am not Irish I Want to pass on the Blessings of the Day to You!
And I Hope that you have a Wonderful Day filled with Good Luck and Lots of Green! (If you Know what I mean!) ha, ha!:)

Here are some of my GREEN collectibles, I thought might be interesting to look at today, being St. Patrick's Day and All! Mostly McCoy and American Pottery marked USA I have Collected throughout the years. With A Little Pixie thrown in here and there for Good Luck!
I Hope You Enjoy!

My Current Table Display...Showing Home Is Where the Heart is...and a tiny Paper Mache' HOME

Well you know..."This is My House...I'll Do As I Darn Please" Now That Says it All!

A Sweet Little Pixie Coming by to Say Hello!

Two LUCKY Leprechaun Brothers...Sitting Happily on their Tree Stumps
The Plate Above just happens to be the Name of my street!
It Was Given to me by a Stranger at an Antiques Show I attended with my daughter. The Kindness of Strangers Is A True Blessing!

A Little "Scarry" Cute Leprechaun! I think he's supposed to Scare you out of Smoking...apears to be an ashtray.:) :D :)

Awwwh....Reminds me of My Little Lena!

This Shelf Hangs in My Craft/Sitting Room Just Outside of my Kitchen...I change the Display with the Season/Holiday

I Hoped You Enjoyed My Bit O The Green Today on This St Patrick's Day!

Have A LUCKY- Sunshiny Kind of Day!


Mimi said...

Just got the time to pop by and want to tell you that your blog is ADORABLE! I must show it to my son's wife, Cindy, so she'll know she's not nuts for refurbishing an old "tin can cottage". She's doing her's in a retro yellow/orange/brown motif.

I don't camp but now I want one of these to tear down and build up!

The TinCan Cottage said...

Thanx for stopping by! Oh get one! That would be such a nice activity to share with your daughter! There is alot out there for that 60's-70's yellow/orange/brown color scheme. I would love to see her progress as well. Maybe you could post some pics along the way. I know there is alot of interest in these vintage trailers with rallies and clubs as well. I hope we can all stay updated on each others efforts!:)

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello! Boy, do you have good eyes and know your sweets! That is shortbread & not scones I posted about! LOL! Silly me! What was I thinking?!! I love your beautiful "green" display for St. Patrick's Day! You have a lovely collection! How is your trailer coming along? Ohh, can't wait to see more! Have a great weekend dear!


Jean Tuthill said...

I hope your St. Patrick's Day was a wonderful one. I love your trailer and I want one, too. Where did you find it? I haven't started looking yet, but picture myself in one, using it for a backyard getaway. I love all the restored ones I've seen. Your little doggie is so cute, I have a Shi Tzu that I live with..haha He "controls" everything.

The Vintage Housewife... said...

adorable and green...i love it...hows your tin cottage post post...what color did you choose do

Ashlee said...

thank you for your sweet comment!
i am really beginning to enjoy crochet, but the patterns can be a bit confusing at times.

my mom and i LOVE to thrift! it's so much fun!


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