Wednesday, March 25

Whats' A Girl to Do?

Hey Girls!

What's A Girl To Do?

This is an Oldie All right....back in the day, Great-grandmothers' Day. Grandma had to be a Crank too!

We Women know its just how we are, what happens when we can't seem to subtly let him, your Husband or Significant Other, know that you have a few things you need taken care of around the house. Well that's where I am. :(

My Trailer Awaits. Places to go , People to See. It's finally warming up enough now...Let's Get Going Honey! :) Well that's how it was supposed to come out! There Are Rallies we wanted to attend in June / July, and we did purchase the flooring last weekend, now don't you know! He doesn't say No, he says something like, well you can start sanding, well if I sand anymore, I won't have any walls left.I will prepare the floor, washing with TSP to get it ready, maybe I could try and cut the Tiles myself.

Hmmmm, maybe a Good Dinner, His Favorite Dessert, Dancing, Some Romancin',...Something has got to get him Motivated! ") I want to get movin'! : ) Any Suggestions Gals?

A Little Steak!

A Little Dessert!

A Little Dancin' !

A Lotta' Romancin' !

: ) Maybe That Will Help : )

What Do You Think?


Terry said...

You never can tell what a good steak and a little piece of cake might do for motivation .I know that my aunt always proved this when she needed something done she would treat her man to a little something special on his plate cause after all a good man needs a good meal to keep going.
Wow she was a lot smarter than I ever realized . I love the photo it reminds me so much of my Aunt and uncle they lived in a travel trailer and went all over after he retired from the Airforce.
I sure do miss them. Thank you for sharing the vintage photo.
Blessings and peace to you as you wait for your turn to travel.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I think you should go for "all the above", sounds like you'll both come out ahead and be winners!

This simple Life said...

Hi, I just found you by your comment you left on Vintage Housewife. You are doing exactly what my husband and I are looking to do. We are currently looking for a trailer similar to yours to redo. I am going to enjoy watching your progress.

Ashley said...

I couldn't tell you, but I'd say the food will do the trick! haha

I got my package today! I made a post about it! You need to read it! :)
Thank you!

I do love that picture as well. So adorable!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

My 1961 Fire ball is getting her new paint job and should be done soon.....lovin the Vintage life!

Stop by and visit sometime :)

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I found when I start doing it myself, he always comes running....

p.s. my red paint is called Apple A Day Red by Olympic Paints from Lowes..

Shellmo said...

I would have the steak, cake ready in the camper with the music playing - lead him to the project - LOL!!!

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