Wednesday, April 22

Happy House Cleaning Day

I am Doing a little House Cleaning Today - that is - My Blog House!

Don't get me wrong, I like a Clean House, but not if I have better things to do!

Anyway, I have plenty to keep myself busy with these days!

I have decided to have a little Tiny Giveaway to All My Blog Gals out there!

You know who your are! Your the ones that come back often, without fail to leave

kind words of encouragement and add sunshine to my day!

You are someone that has been one of the first to Follow, or just stopped By to say Hi!

Someone that has gave a shout back to say Hi, Thanx for stopping by my blog!

New or Old , If this is You, Don't be Shy!
(if you don't because you are shy, I will contact you myself!)

So Step Right-Up to Claim Your Tiny Prize!

If You would So Kindly, E-Mail with your Shipping Address, I will get it out to you
as soon as I can! I should have them all out within a weeks time.

If it will be any longer than that, I will E-Mail you to let you know!

This Tiny Giveaway, will last the next three days, Wednesday, April , 22nd - Friday April 24
(in the event you, reading this after the 24th, and You are one of " Those" gals, who I know was one of "Those" gals...whatever that means,:D, and are just too shy to do this, I will surely contact you !

Offer Void Where Prohibited - What is that anyway? ~ I always wanted to say that! ;D

Have a Sunshiny Kind of Day til we meet Again!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Is the camper tea pot new to your blog? I just noticed it and it's FABULOUS, SO cute! AAAdorable!
I want me one -smile-.

Terry said...

Great Minds ,I have been busy cleaning today.trying to spring things up a bit.Spruced up the flower beds and vegetable patch.
Had to stop though and take a blog break to see what was going on today and I'm so glad I did !
I love your cute little wooden motto.
I adore your cute trailer.It is just perfect for the blog.
Actually your entire blog is just fabulous. I love it all.
Thank you so much for having a giveaway.
What a sweet thing to do.
Have a blessed day .

Anonymous said...

What a fun thing to do... and I like the touches you added to your blog....

Hugs Sweet New Friend!!!

Just A Gal...

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Am I one of those gals~LOl.... if not then I want to be.....

I have been cleaning house too....a bit on my blog and a lot at my real house!!!

I have been waiting for a new post from you :)

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Oh...watched the video...have to come back tonight to see the it so far.
Your choice of fabric? Do they sell it in the U.S.? I want one of her bags so bad...but I do not want to pay the shipping!

Trailer Trash said...

Oh thank you for helping with the JUNK SISTAS! Your the best!

trailer trash

The TinCan Cottage said...

Hi, thanx for bearing with my blog...uhhh , I should have a Bear pic right there you know ;D, the new video Way too big, but , I can't seem to fix it, I'll have to work on it tomorrow; this blog thing just never ends...;D, But I Love It! :D I cheesy enough or what! Anyway, Thank-you Sweet Gals! Sweet Blessings to you and yours! Oh, and Happy Earth Day Too!

Jan Ely said...

I must be one of those gals cuz I read your blog, but have never left a message! Why? I guess I get my fill of smiles and then sign off! Anyway, here I am to bravely step up and reveal myself!

trash talk said...

I think I am one of "those" that come by to drool over your cute Shasta. You have given me so many cute ideas to use when I actually get to the part of the redo where it is fun! This is just a happy place to visit! Thank you also for joining in with Trailer Trash on my g'daughter Bella's behalf.

TX Doodler said...

I love what you've done with the place & your blog/house cleaning! (Love the wood sign & little rooster)Sooo many cute things to look at. What a cheery place & it definitely beats srubbing the house floors. You lifted my day & made me smile, thanks! Enter me in the give away thingy. I'll be emailing u shortly.

Samantha said...

I just found your blog this's adorable!!! I'll be back soon to visit.

L said...

Well, I'm sure I'm one of those gals....that visit, enjoy, but then too shy to leave comments.
I'll work on this!
Thanks so much for posting my flyer :) If you were only closer! Come visit over the next few days to see pics.
LOVE the little teapot and can't wait for my candle to arrive :)



Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh my goodness- you have the sweetest little camper I've ever seen! I love it!! And your blog is awesome, too! *sigh*...

We used to camp in something similar to that when I was very small... it had a little shower/sink/commode in it, and I used to get the shower head down and pretend I was talking on the phone. (Yes, even at three years old, I was a dork. LOL)
Anyhoo, I accidently locked myself in there, and every member of my family (even my grandparents, who were camping with us) took turns PLEADING with me to unlock the door! Problem was, I couldn't remember HOW I locked myself in there in the first place!
Jeez- the good ol days!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Friend...

I am been out of the loop a couple of days... I have to catching up to do...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know I have a couple of awards for you on my blog....

Hugs and All My Best!!!

Just A Gal...

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