Tuesday, April 14

BlueBirds of Happiness in My Home!
These are made by me from sculpting paper mache'

I've Updated My Shelf for Spring!


What Color Do You Think I Picked for the bottom half of my Tiny Trailer?

I will be having a Drawing towards the End of my Final Reveal on my Tiny Trailer for a
" Tiny" Prize ~ Of Course!

Here is another purchase for my tiny little home on wheels!
I will put this on the floor in front of my kitchen sink counter area, It has just about every color I have in mind for my little trailer!

A HandHooked Rug, not sure if it's vintage, but It sure is A~dorable!

On that Note: I have changed my mind on the flooring, at least I think I have, I bought Sisal tiles at Ikea as couple of weeks ago. I think there a nice match to all the birch wood walls, I think it will will warm-up the floor on chilly mornings. And a bonus, they are removable if any need to be cleaned or replaced. Although, they still have to be installed, I have tried to cut one myself , and I guess this is one of those projects better left for my husband, at least the cutting part. :( the measuring went ok, but, all I had was a hand saw and a miter box, that didn't work to well, a little jaggedy...he said I better quit before I lost anymore of the tiles...:() uh, oh! ) He said he would cut them with the electric hand saw. Thanx Hun!
He's kind of busy with the Electricals right now...

Here is his latest progress this past poor husband, pulled his hair out on this one....had to rewire whole trailer, added plugs throughout....well , it's a tiny space, but I was amazed at how many outlets we need!

Here is an outlet above the dining table in the back of the trailer

I found a little Chandelire he will rewire to a plug in type (so that I can put it away each time we travel)

I'm thinking of painting the metal out white..with a little red/ brown/rusty patina showing through

This will hang by a covered chain over the table of the trailer,
A ~ dorable!

Here is the original table which came with a yellow plywood top, It has a gauge or hole on one area, so I would like to glue down a piece of Oil Cloth, checkered or floral, over the top, I am looking around for some right now. Any other suggestions on this one? :)

The sliding doors panel/covers on the storage areas below both side of the seats and above the kitchen area will be done in the same or coordinating oil cloth, then some glass knobs added for a little Sparkle!

These don't look like much now...infact, they are just pieces of thick foam I cut today that I am covering with batting and cordinating fabric , these will go inside end to end in the scallopped area in the back of the trailer, (foramally where the canvas sling bed was stored) so that I can have a flat surface to set all my knick knacks on! You'll have to trust me on this one. I will have pics of this next time you visit!

Its a little hard to see the scallop top , but the foam will sit Inside, to bring up a level flat surface for knick knacks

I will leave you until next time with a few of the cuties I might put on this shelf area

Maybe these Best Friend Farm Girls...they remind of the Farm Chick Gals!

Maybe this truck...if it fits...not sure on this one

I have to add this one, a Tool Kit for the Bride to Be!
A Cook Book...gota be an expert! ....Duz laundry Detrergent...gotta gettum clean! A Broom...gotta sweep the crumbs! Iron (can't see it too well) but, you gotta steam out those wrinkeles...frying pan complete with gotta keep em fed!...a red handled rolling gotta keep em in line! ;) giggle... just wanted to see if you were paying attention!


Until the next time! Keep on Smiling!


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Very exciting! Love your chandiler!!! ~Maryjane

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Love the colors you chose....and the mini chandelier too!!!!

I have been looking for a tiny plug in one but have not found one :(

Your Trailer is going to be soooo cute!!!

Can't wait for the Grand reveal!!!

Terry said...

Love the update pictures ,I am so jumping up and down and oohing over all your plans ,what an adventure you have begun.
I am so excited to see this work in progress. You really are going to have a to die for look when it is finished,that chandelier is just soooo cute .Have a fabulous week.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

I think you are going to paint the bottom half of your trailer "Red". I am looking forward to seeing it.
Enjoy your day,

Ashlee said...

i love your color scheme...

and the chandelier.
it will look great in white.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

O.K. one more guess, you are going to paint the bottom a pretty blue green color. The 50's blue. I'm just not sure what the color is called. Like the blue color in your rug.

Enjoy your day and have a fun filled weekend,

Trailer Trash said...

HELLO! I am so glad you stopped by The Trailer. I added you to the Chicks with Trailers Section of my blog. I hope that is ok. I just love your little Shasta, she is a dream. Can’t wait to see her all fixed up.
xoxo trailer trash

TX Doodler said...

I love your little blue tonka truck! Also the salt & pepper shaker/camper duo-sooo cute!

I was going to also guess that you were doing the floors red, but the sisal from Ikea is great also.

I'm leaning towards the red checked oil cloth for the table & cabinets. If you have great access to vintage floral prints-I'd say go for it.

The cottage is coming along well, love the chandlier & anxious to see your knick knack shelf things. Will you velcro or glue the items on, or put them away while driving? It's all going to be gorgeous!!

Keep cooking for that hubby so that he keeps workin' on the trailer. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I happened upon your blog. What a neat post. You have a pretty blog. I love the way you put the birds on your shelf. I have some in my kitchen window.

Katmom said...

Hey there,
thanx for visiting my trailer blog...scary huh! lol!
I need to update my photos...but I have been so busy with other projects...
I can hardly wait to see tour completed trailer,,, I am thinking a sweet soft yellow & white color scheme would look so cute!
I haven't quite decided what color to paint the outside but the inside will be an eccelctic mixture of Vintage, roses, western and victorian....should be interesting!
Aren't we lucky to have such wonderful hubbies to work on our little trailers!
Ok, post pic's cuz i'll be back.

creative breathing said...

Hi, My name is Elizabeth of Creative Breathing! I am so happy to have found your blog. I am already in love with your trailer adventure! In answer to your question about selling the things that I make, I give everything away to those who have inspired my journey of writing with their kind words. PS Did you see my vintage trailer garland on flickr? It would be oh so cute made in vintagy colors!!! So happy to meet you, Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to meet you!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying such nice thing... you gave me a big smile!!!

Hubby and I were going to build a teardrop trailer... still might... but I would love the one I am going to blog about later this week... man I can't remember it's name right now....ugh!!!

Oh and I wrote a blog entry yesterday for the Recipe Exchange Thursday out of the Aunt Bee's Desserts... isn't that odd and cool!!!

Again glad to meet you and I love you blog... I will be reading all your post in the days to come..

Just A Gal...

Lorri said...

Thanks so much for leaving me a comment. I would have never found you! What a cute blog. I have only one trailer at this time. i sold Cosmo Cowgirl last spring, now I just have Outlaw Annie. I have not done one thing to her and had hoped for a total restor by now. Oh well, it is on my list of things to do. So happy to have your blog site now. I will be back.

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