Friday, April 10

With A Wave of A Magic Mallett...I Mean Wand!

If I Could Wave My Magic Wand...My Trailer would be Finished, and I'd be in my Teensy Trailer decorating til my hearts content!

Well...I'm almost there! and the Wand is a Wooden Mallet... NO... .; ) I'm just Kidding! ; )
Anyway, My husband has started again, though, not without everything I talked about on my last post ...and a little help from my friend Victoria...but that's a Secret! ; )

These Things Seemed to Work Like A Charm!

{ And Then He Started to Work Again! }

Oh...I Love You Darling !!!.....Thank-you Sooooo much for working on my trailer!

(just a little side note....this is someones found treasure...(Betty @ She Sew Pretty )I'm looking for the blog/ give credit to the gal who found this knick knack on one of her shopping trips with the gals! I just couldn't wait to post it...if anyone knows who it belongs to let me know:) Too...A dorable! I want it for my trailer!)

Then I got Happy Again...and started shopping for things for my trailer!

Click on Pat's Etsy Shop Link Below for More of her Adorable Creations!

Here is the Adorable! W
ashcloth I bought from the Very Talented lady named Pat at Mountainside Crochet

Oh, Honey, Thank You for Working So Hard on My Teensy Travel Trailer!
I Love You!

Maybe it was the Cooking, Maybe it was the Loving, but somehow, he seems to have more interest in my trailer project. Hmmm...or maybe it's the Magic Mallet ;) - I mean Wand ; )

I will be posting more pictures throughout the weekend to show you how we're doing. : )

Thanx for stopping by!

Hope you have a Lovely Holiday Weekend!


Anonymous said...

do you live in So Cal? If so... Two great vintage trailer rallies are coming up soon. Lake Casitas, 4/24-4/26 and The really big show at Pismo 5/15-5/17...over 200 trailers!!

Mountainside Crochet said...

Christine, your story about hubby now working again on the trailer was really funny, and such cute pictures! Thanks very much for including a picture of the trailer washcloth I made for you, along with a link to my shop. I'm delighted you liked the washcloth. Can't wait to see your 'finished' trailer!


Valerie said...

This is too funny! I hope your trailer gets done soon. Pat is an amazing gal and I love all her work!

Terry said...

Yippee ,progress !!!
you must be so wonderfully excited .
Hang in there your gonna make it and than we will all be looking forward to tons of pictures to keep us posted on your happy travels.Not to mention all the decorating you'll be doing.
Have a fantastic week.

Carol............. said...

You certainly have a great sense of well as knowing how to work your husband!!! LOL

All gals should learn some of these tricks (and rules) before marriage!

Ashley said...

glad to hear it's coming along!
I can't wait to see pictures of it when you get it finished!

Ashlee said...

that little figurine belongs to betty...

She'sSewPretty said...

Christine! I love your blog. I love my little figurine too. I found one here: (sorry for the long link) I love mine and I found out that I got a really good deal on it. I hope you can find one too!

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