Thursday, May 21

Happy Thursday ! Happy Trailering!

Hi, Happy Thursday and Happy Trailering to all you Gals!

Since we are nearing the end of my trailer renovation project, i feel myself getting itchy for the open road! Camping and Traveling in My Tiny Canned Ham Trailer, It's about all I think about these daze:D

I find myself thinking of all the things I am going to do in my trailer, the decorating, traveling, the junking, the cooking and relaxing along the way;D

I am even starting to think about what I will be cooking in my Itty Bitty Kitchen
Yes, believe it or not, I absolutely love, love, (that's two loves) cooking and baking when we camp! I have been "google-ing" away, looking for camping and RV or tiny kitchen cookbooks.

Throughout the Summer, I will be including a Cooking In A Can section to my blog as well. I am adding a few links on my sidebar right now, just to get you started.:)

Also, Look to my sidebar for new additions almost daily, I will have Vintage Trailer Restoration Sites listed there as well, with places to buy Vintage Parts, People who do restorations, and fun things related to canned hams.

Clubs and Groups Activities, really , anything else at all to do with vintage trailers. If you come across anything out there in your cyber journeys, please feel free to let me know of something you found and I will add it to my sidebar :)

I also added a Fun - You Tube Video Song Called "Living In Aluminum" The Singer/Songwriter, Antsy McClain and the TrailerPark Trubadours, has entire albums dedicated to Trailer lifestyle music , How Fun is That! Go down near the bottom of my blog to listen to it...It's So True...It's about contentment ...even when your living in Aluminum! Hee..Hee..:D Have Fun - Give the song a try it's make you laugh! Oh, And Don't be Shy.... Sing Along! :D

I hope you enjoy your visits, and come by whenever you get a chance for a little fun with these Canned Ham Cuties:D


Jan Ely said...

Hi Christine! Just thought I'd let you know that I blogged about my little BLOG GALS today!
Thanks again!

Terry said...

Hi Chrisitne
I have an award for you over at my place ,if you get a chance drop by.

I love the Trailering post ,where did you find the fabulous Vintage Trailering Gal ?
I want to be her :) She is sooooooo cute and sassy with her pretty sun shine Umbrella .
Oh my your sweet little Shasta trailer has got me longing for a road trip :)
So take a trip for me and all of us other gals who pine away for the open road .

Terry said...

Oh Hey
I forgot to say thanks for my new favorite song :)

Living in Aluminum !!!!

TX Doodler said...

Christine, I'm excited for you & can't wait for your days ahead in the Shasta! Take lots of photos & do share on her maiden voyage, k? I love, love, love (that's 3 loves)cooking & baking while camping also. I have this little binder note book thingy with recipes I find. I'll have to send you some. Cool cookbook finds & love your graphics! As soon as I get my speakers connected I want to hear Living in Aluminum. Have a fantastic day! :D

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