Saturday, May 23

TinCan Cottage Living - The Best In Trailer Decor!

Hi, If you gals haven't seen Button Willow yet, from BeeHive Cottage, your missing out! Click on her Blog Link and look around, you will see what these little houses can look like when they are all "Gussied-Up"...Oh My, ADORABLE! You will be in Aw! I'm going to start a magazine, "TinCan Cottage Living" featuring the Best in Trailer Decor :D



Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Christine, how fun! Thanks for featuring my little post on trailers! They are addicting aren't they?! Life wouldn't be the same without my little ButtonWillow! How is yours coming along?


Bolete's Things said...

Found your blog and had to become a follower! I have a 1964 Mobile Scout! ;)

Brenda Kula said...

Love, love, love Maryjane's little darlin! And Maryjane!

glimpse of my world said...

love your blog.. i have remodeled two trailers and i love them..

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