Wednesday, May 27

A Big Surprise from Tennessee! came today....from Let Me Tell You...Life is Beautiful

Thank-You So Much!

Ashley at "Let Me Tell You", sent me the biggest surprise! A Handmade Card made by Ashley, Beautiful! "Flowers of Gratitude Bloom Forever in the Heart", and decorated with a beautiful floral and butterfly decorations, and her Mom is So Talented too! She handmade three items , a teeny tiny bobble dog, a University of Tennessee Teddy Bear, and a teeny tiny floral's so tiny, I can't believe the intricate details on them, and the little chihuahua is a bobble'd you do it?:D Wow! And Ashley also sent three cutie figurines, a Chef, and two figurines, children playing dress up. How Cute!

Look At The Details!

They are totally going in my trailer! And I will be finding a special place for each of the figurines on my shelf. Thank You and Your Mom ... Big Hugs to you Both!


Terry said...

Oh what fun.
Congrats .
I am so happy for you .
Your trailer is really going to decked out with happiness.
Have a great day .
Hugs from Texas

Ashley said...

Oh wow! I'm so glad you got it! :)
I just saw this post tonight! This is the first time I have been on here in a month I think! I have just been tremendously busy! I feel like I haven't stopped!

I'm so glad you like it! & you are very welcome!
Yes, my mom is talented! How she does it, I have no clue, but she does! haha!
She will be happy to hear that you like the things she made.

Hopefully Friday I will be able to slow down and get to reading all the blogs I have neglected!

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