Wednesday, May 27

Memorial Day Trailer Progress

Here is the Army Color Base Coat that went on this weekend. He did a Great job with the bondo prep getting most of the dings and pings out before he put on this base coat of Etching Paint Primer. Boy, a lot of steps involved in painting...Next the best coat...the Color Coat!:D Stay tuned!

Unfortunately, No fun for my husband this past holiday weekend :(

Hubby is quite meticulous, he takes awhile, but, I know in the end, the results will be beautiful! Thanx Hun! :D

Meanwhile, I worked on a couple of my small projects, this is my back splash panel, I am painting it a metal/stainless color and I also, the table top I made a faux oilcloth tabletop/tablecloth, I wanted to inlay it on top of the original, but I don't want to take off the metal sides, it may not go back the same way.:( So , I think what I will do is, cut it to fit, which I still have to do. Otherwise, I can just drape it like a oilcloth/tablecloth. Either way, it gives me that farmhouse flair I was looking for. It looks like a real Quilt, don't you think?


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Yep, things are coming together nicely! I really like the tablecloth; you've got that farmhouse look going strong.

Ashlee said...
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Ashlee said...

good luck with the rest of the paint job.

the tablecloth looks great.

Terry said...

I thought it was a real quilt top !
Great photos.
Blessings to you and hubby on this project.
This really takes a lot of time.
It will be well worth every second .
Way to go .
Ya'll are really making a lot of progress.
It's going to be so much fun :)
Happy Trails

L said...

Hi C!
Love the quilt table cloth! That was a great idea!

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