Monday, May 4

Hi, Just a Quick Post to say Thank-You to my Wonderful friend at Just A Gal
She has chosen me for a couple of Awards, I have posted them to my sidebar to look pretty, and they are my First (possibly the last ;D) so I just have to give them a little attention! Thank-you Very Much for your thoughtfulness, and these days, I especially appreciate these kindnesses!

I will surely pass on the gesture in the next coming days!

Also, I will be posting about this weekend's latest accomplishments with some ugly trailer bondo pics. Look for them later today!

Have a Sunshiny Kind of Day!


Anonymous said...

Hugs My Friend!!!!

Thanks for the kind comments...

I CAN'T WAIT to see the trailer pics!!!!

I keep seeing trailers I want... but I have to finish our house redo... then.... watch out!!!

Hugs and Love!!
Just A Gal...

OH and no they will not be your last... your so funny!!!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Congrats on the awards, sweetie!

Can't wait to see some of those bondo pics!

creative breathing said...

Hello, I would love to put an Allsorts button on my blog. Is that available for any bloggers? Also, I noticed your Gooseberry Patch button. It is in my back yard! I worked there happily for 7 years! Wonderful friends there! Boy am I working on my husband to get me a trailer! Can't wait to see your new photos. Elizabeth

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Good goings on the award, congratulations! BTW, if you visit my blog, look at the Cozy Reads and go down the list, you'll see your blog...notice how the blog name is that it's not. It's written as a period, simply a . .

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