Tuesday, May 5

My Bad Hair Day!

Hi! What A Bad Hair Day! :D...Unfortunately, this post will go to My Computer...What A scare today...I sat down with my usual jumbo cup of joe in my "Ma" Cup don't have a PA cup yet, still searching for it :D ... Got myself all cozy....pushed the On button , then pushed it again...then again. I could hear the fan inside..but nothing on screen but pretty flowers, no singing birds, no pretty trailer pics, no farm house fun :( Nothin!

I started thinking of all those lovely pictures, and recipes I just down loaded yesterday, all of those address' of my blogging gals I needed to send out my little giveaway to, :) , uh, what? I Began to sweat! My Son saved the day! He was able to take the computer to Best Buy and use our warranty to have it repaired. And, Luckily, the store was able to take the battery out , and it reboot, then we uploaded all our files to a outside file...phew....all my Important picture and recipes! Never mind our tax files, household files, and here I am worrying about my blog stuff! Uh..Oh! :D I'm Bad!

Had a busy day, though, just the same. Made some candles, made a festive meal for Cinco De Mayo of fajita chicken tacos, beef tacos, black bean tostadas, and cuppa chino mocha rice crispy treats for dessert. And finished up on my blog giveaway.

Still won't have my computer back for about 2 weeks, but between my husband's laptop (when he gets home) and the local library, I shouldn't have too much trouble.
Anyway, I just wanted to let all you gals know that sent me your address for my tiny giveaway, (anyone who still would like to participate, please send me your mailing address, and I will get one out to you too! ) that I will be finally sending them out tomorrow/today, Wednesday, May,6th. Yeah..:D..finally! I hope they bring a smile to your face! I soooo, enjoyed making them for you!"D

Until we meet Again, have a Sunshiny kind of Day!



trash talk said...

Of course the blog info is the most important...girl's just got to have priorities!

TX Doodler said...

Your tiny "bad hair" clothespin girl is adorable! She made me smile & the "Maw" it! I'm drinking my mornin' cup of joe outta a plain corelle mug-I'm green!Tee hee! What fun. You make me laugh about the blog vs tax priority.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

You scared me there to! So happy to hear all is well and your computer is in good shape! Have a wonderful day!


How is your trailer coming along?!

The Vintage Housewife... said...

hello sweet gal i tried to leave a comment last week and it didn't take i was glad you swung by my place...i so hoped i was one of your blog friends...hee hee huggs cat


Hi Christine,
Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you!!
Your little trailer will be so SWEET!! My Grandparents had a travel trailer and would take us places during summer vacation. Very Good Memories:)
Deb :)

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Christine,
I know what you mean about your computer not working. I had to buy a new just a few months ago and I even had to change my email address. I very glad you are up and running again and that nothing was lost.
Have a wonderful day,

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Cute coffee cups; I've got the one that says "Maw, come git yer coffee", always gives me a smile.
sigh. computers. We had a crash end of last year and lost, pert near, everything.

Terry said...

Oh wow !
I was so afraid there would be 15 post from me today from earlier .
I was so frustrated with our computer I wrote a post and clicked and it never let me know if it was posted so like a dummy I kept clicking on post a comment .
I am so glad it did not post all the same thing.
NOW for the compliments to you.
I love coming here and visiting.
I am so waiting joyfully as your package are so sweet to do a give away .
In the meantime I am that doll with the bad hair day . :O)
I live in Texas and let me tell you this time of year we are all about humidity . I have frizzy hair on a good day .
Throw in a little moisture and I become your sweet little bad hair day doll. Thanks for your post ,
and hang in there your computer will be home before you know it !
Have a very Blessed Mothers Day .

Farm Chick Paula said...

Awwww... sorry about the computer biting the dust- I love the wild hairdo, though- looks like me in the morning! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow do I know that feeling all to well... happen to me about a month ago... and I too was only worried about my blogging stuff....

Hugs to you!!!

Natalie... Just A Gal...

Ashlee said...

i love the little tin can candles.


i am glad your files on your computer will be safe and sound.


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