Monday, May 11

Ugly Bondo Pics

Hi! Not too much to show right now....but here is the Pre-Painting "Ugly" photos from this past weekend. Hey, at least the bondo looks pink in the photos ;) My husband didn't get to the paint yet, it was too cold to continue with it, but next week...we begin with the pretty color! Yeahhhh!!!:D I'm jumping up and down right now, ugh , Oh :O...I forgot, I'm in the library!

I worked on the cupboard doors, with fabric fronts, I started with red and white check, I think that will go on the bottom drawers under the seats.

I'm busy with gardening and candles right now so I have plenty to keep myself busy with til then. And then, I can visit you all more often!:D Yeahhhh! Again...Ugh..Oh! Shhhhhh! ;D

My computer will be back in a week or so...hopefully. So meanwhile, It will be hit or miss for me on my posts....:( so bear with me please...I'm not done yet :)

Thanx for coming back by to visit!


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