Wednesday, June 3

This is Me...Well Almost!

I have been waiting for a time that I look good enough for a picture , a picture that is Blog worthy. That time, never seems to come :D. I've decided to go with my Avatar from Only in A Women's World. I created it myself, to look like myself, and so , Here I am in my animated form! WoW, the likeness is uncanny!

For those of you ladies out there, like myself, too shy for your photo opt,:D you can create an avatar of yourself! It's fun, and the cartoons are the cutest! You can meet the girls, Anna, Cheryl, Maya and Nikki, play some fun games, and even use their E-Cards to send fun and inspiring messages to your friends! Try it out! It's Fun and It's Free! and find one of the girls that suite you best. And Baked Lays, Flat Earth and Smart Foods are a great way to go if you want a healthy snack time treat! I am loving their Smart Food Snack: Cranberry Almond Popcorn Clusters..YUM :D!


Terry said...

I tried to leave a comment before but our computer is still shutting down randomly .
So I never know for certain if my comments get posted or not :(
Anyway this is sooooooooooo cool .
Thanks for great info.
I really like this idea again thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful rest of the week.

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