Thursday, June 4

Paint Update!

No.....It's Not Pink! But I was thinking about it...:D I even painted a wooden bird house I found at the crafts store about the time I was thinkin about Pink.

Here is what I can show you until my Big Reveal within 2 weeks...Hopefully Less :D!

Here is the Latest...

The Top Half of Trailer has been painted White! The Bottom Half...well that's a coat of primer right now...kind of military green right now :D, maybe I can use it to go hunting ;)...hmmmm...nah...I'll stick to the cottage getaway on wheels. :D

Today is the bottom half ...second half...the best half...:D the Color Half

This part will be kept a Secret til the Big Reveal!

It was a very hard choice for me to make. I liked, Pink first, then Light Blue, then Turquoise, and a time I thought of Red :O Oh My! Hmmm...what was my final decision ;D... Glad my decision has been made!

Meanwhile, Reproduction Awning, (color?;) (seller on Ebay) and Parts from Vintage Trailer Supply! should be here in the next couple of days. I used a Gift Certificate my family got me for Mother's Day! ( I forgot to blog about that Beautiful Gift! :( woops....bad mom! :(I will be getting two new shiny hubcaps, two new yellow side marker lights, a new Door Handle,(I want to get in ya know ;), and two new back tail lights...there beauties! I hope everything goes smoothly with this...crossing my fingers and toes! ;D

I have also changed a couple design the Counter Top mosaic...My hubby hatted the idea, and told me it would be a lot of trouble with water...I trust his knowledge of all things I decided to go with....well, :D You'll see!

Until, then...I will be polishing, sanding, painting, sewing, and fluffing away!

I will Twitter when I about Silly Stuff and Take Alot of Pictures of my projects so that you can share in the fun on My Big Reveal!

Until we meet again...Have A Bright Sunshiny kind of A Day! :D
Hugs ~ Christine ~ The TinCan Cottage


Paula said...

I just stumbled onto your site and can't wait for the reveal. We just bought a 17 foot 1973 camp trailer that we are fixing up. Actually, it will be my husbands summer home because he will be working out of town most of the summer.

Terry said...

Hi Sweetie
Man oh man I am so excited you are really making progress.
That is so cool that you were able to find the replacement parts you needed.
Happy Trails

Jennifer Paganelli said...

So exciting..I love your camper!!

Jean Tuthill said...

I can't wait to see it finished. The progress is amazing. You and your husband are putting a lot of work into the trailer. Does she have a name yet? I'll be stopping in to see the big reveal. I love it and want one!

Crafty Chick said...

Hello there! I popped by your blog to check it out after the sweet comment you left me on Crafty Chick's Retro Fantasy. Thanx 4 stopping by. (I have actually been neglecting my blogs this last month due to computer issues. And family. And school. And life. LOL.)But, I am back online again...and was so happy to see that people have still been visiting.

I LOVE your blog and your adorable trailer project! So cool. I wish you guys many years of happy memories with it.

I wanted to ask you about the apron at the bottom of your blog. I ADORE aprons...and have been wanting to make/accuire/trade for one like that. I like that old school housewifey type of apron, (as well as the cutesy frilly coctail aprons too!).

Anywho...I clicked on the link to Jo Ann's...and went thr ALL of their Sewing & No Sew projects. Unless I just overlooked it, I'm stumped. If you know where to find it, or nother one similar; would u be so kind as to point me in the righ direction? Purty Please with sprinkles. Hee hee.

Okay Love...So nice to have made your aqquaintance. And I hope catch up with you again.
I signed up to get your blog on my google reader, and will eagerly be waiting for your 'big reveal'.

If you do find the info on the apron, o similar...please email it to me at
Danae~ the 'Crafty Chick'

Ashley said...

Ohh,ohh,ohh! I'm so excited for the reveal!
I can't wait to see what color you've chosen!

The other day I was coming home from the hospital & saw a trailer off in the woods near a home & instantly thought of you, & how neglected that poor trailer must feel!

Yet again, I can't wait!

L said...

Hey C! I can't wait for the final unveiling!
Girl, you know you need that set of Pink Melamine for your trailer on my Etsy shop! *wink*
Summer sale is coming up in a month. Wish you were closer! :(


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Can't wait to see your color choice. I bet it will be outstanding. I will on pins and needles.
Take care and enjoy your day,

Anonymous said...

Love the camper! I just bought a Shasta Compact this past weekend. Needs a little work but your project inspires me!

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