Saturday, July 11

Drum-Roll Please!!!

Here's what all my blog gals have been waiting for!;D

It all began back in May of 2006, then, things as they were, Money that as....isn't always money ;D anyway, since we couldn't afford to store it, I came up with a True " I Love Lucy " Idea. by the way, my Mother calls my husband and myself, Lucy and Ricky...since my husband is Latin, born in Central America, Nicaragua. She says I'm always dragging my husband into some scheme or another :D
Getting back to the story, I came up with the idea to take the whole trailer off it's axle and tires, make a platform with wheels and store it and work on it when we could, right in our own garage. Well to our great surprise, It worked! And then work began, well a very little a time that is.

Copy of My EBay Win after 28 Bids...Phew...In the last few seconds....I WON! Yippee! :D

Skin came off first, because that's free. Then he got started repairing rotten wood, it wasn't alot, but, he wanted to replace as much as he could. These projects went on for the last 3 years and so at the end of this past winter, I started hinting on how nice it would be to finally use our trailer this summer. Through alot of loving and sometimes in not-so loving persausion ;) We arrived at the end of our project!
My Dream really. Taking my husband along for the stressful ride, but, phew...Thank goodness We Made-It!

And Here is the Results of all His / Our Efforts!

I hope you like it, and are not disappointed, I will have more pictures of the finished curtains hanging, and all the decor after this weekends first outing. As I post this, I'm busy getting packed for our first outing tomorrow.
To celebrate my 45th Birthday and to see how everything operates, we are taking it for a "test run" 3 hours from my home to Ludington State Park. Camping with my daughter and her guy friends family til Tuesday.

I will take more of pics of the inside, the lit chandalier, (oh my, you should see it!
As you can imagine, We have been so...stressed and busy for the past two months, and I am looking Soooo... forward to finally relaxing and just doing nothing!:D

Anyway, I'm so glad you hung in there with me during this whole project! Your kind words and encouragement mean a lot to me! I will be doing another giveaway soon...when I recuperate from this project! I will also be adding a new Header in the next few weeks, with a real picture of my Tiny Canned Ham Cutie, and maybe...even a real pic of myself;D ...Woopeeeeeeee!

Enjoy ~ Christine

With-out further ado...With-Out Further Ado ~ DRUM-ROLL ~ Please!!!..

Let Me Present... Give me a...

Give me an ...

Give me a ....

Well, You get the picture ;D

Here It Is!

And It's Sky Blue!

Lena's says.... Are We Finished Yet?

This is the back of the Kitchen Sink, though you see it painted Silver/Stainless in the first close-up pic., I changed my mind, and went with porcelain enamel look of white. It turned out really good, Here is a picture of the area above the refrigerator, we still have to put it before we leave today. Probably a whit one to match the microwave...maybe stainless to match the counter top...not sure yet. My husband is going to surprise me. As for the stove burners, my trailer did not come with the original stove/oven , which worked out in the end, this way I will have more counter space to add/change-out the appliance as I need them. Example, a convection toaster oven when I need to bake, a pannini press when I want a sandwich...well you get the picture. With the purchase of a 2 burner cast iron stove top, I will able to utilize this tiny space more efficiently. I will show pictures of it later.

I don't have a pic of the most Important choice we made. If you have'nt noticed yet, I changed my mind on the vintage red sink...yes... that red sink that began it all! When my husband talked me out of doing a mosaic counter top, and going with a stainless, it was just the next important decision to go with a stainless sink. I will tell you the story of the finding of the sink next post..this one's running a bit "Guiness" World record for longest , that is :D

Seat cushions are in beautiful shape, but, since brown 60's tweed is not what I was going for. I will leave them alone, but slip cover them in a white baroque vintage bedspread I cut in half. I will eventually have them professionally made into slip covers, but this will do for now.

As for curtains, well since I am going with a black and white sorta, Shabby Chic meets Farmhouse Glam. :D I did them with a black background floral back and front, with a doily like floral swag print showing through the window. I still have to add a black and white or red and white check trim / fringe / tassels? ...stay tuned.

The Decor and Lighting Pretties..Before, and after they were put in.., I will be posting more when I get back next week all hung up, lit-up and pretty.

Here are a couple of the projects as I worked on them, My little thrift store frames are glamd-up ! Ready to be hung. And a little Fleur D Le shelf. I am adding Nick- Knacks as I go, trying not to over do though.:D

Here is a really "cool" Vintage Fan I found at an Antique Outlet called the Red Barn here in Howell. Orange/Red insert on front reads, "Zero" by the "Edision" company, before General Electric stole his company for pennies..I'm dating it 40's - 50's.
Looks Great in a robins egg blue art deco base, Still works great, and even oscillates!

I will be Posting more Inside pics next week, when I get back Tuesday.

Thanx for stopping by!


I think the little things Smilin'... What do you think? :D


Terry said...

Congratulations :)
Lots of applause and more applause .
Wow ,happy dance it is so gorgeous .
What a fabulous look .
I am so thrilled for you.
Happy 45th sweetie .
Have a simply fabulous time.
Don't forget the camera :)
I will want to see tons and tons of happy camper photos.
Blessings to you on your sweet success.
You and your Ricky ever need a Fred and Ethel
I will volunteer my hubby and I .
Big Hugs
Happy Trails

Amanda said...

I love it!! We are working on a 1975 Kit Companion. Wierd part is everything in it is in good shape and works well so we are thinking do we want to keep it all original or change it to suit us. It has a lot of 70's colors in it, avocado and gold linoleum. ICK! Anyway we were going to call it Amanda's Love Shack but thought it sounded Risque once we thought about it. HAHA Still a work in progress but we have taken her out 3 times and had a blast!

Lisa said...

It is awesome, I just love the paint color. Please tell me, did you guys paint it yourselves and if so what paint did you use. I am doing the $50 paint job on mine from a link I found, my brother did it on his and it looks awesome. The only prob is that there aren't many colors to choose from. You guys did a wonderful job, enjoy it this weekend after all that hard work!!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

I love it...of course the colors are right up my bedroom,is pink,black and blue.

The fireball has a few of the same colors too....I have not added much red though. You would absolutely love the cart liner I have for my black market would go perfect with your color scheme. I will have to post about it soon.

Have a safe trip and I can't wait to see more pics. GOOD things are so worth the wait!!! Kudos to you and your hubby for all the hard work :)

Jean Tuthill said...

She is awesome! You did a super job on her and she looks brand new. You will have so much fun with her. Does she have a name? Have a safe trip and a great time and take lots of pictures! When you get a chance, come by my blog, I have an award for you!

TX Doodler said...

Lookin' good! She's a sweetie! (I'm guessing that the cutie is a girl? Boats are always girls, so does that mean "canned hams" are also?)

You deserve one sweet reward of a voyage, after all the long hard work "Ricki" & you've been thru! Enjoy & celebrate! Take lots more pics & Happy 45th, darlin' !!!!

Trendy Bindi said...

Ooooh it's lovely! You and your husband should be proud of all the time and effort that you have put into it! You've done a wonderful job! We can't wait to see the rest of the inside. : ) When will you be coming out our way?

Jan said...

Woo hoo, ain't she a "beaut"!!! So glad your dream came true and you took us along for the ride! My parents had that same fan when I was little--it's from the mid 50's, just like me!!! Hope your birthday and maiden road trip is a blast!

Gina said...

Really cute!! I love the color and wonder if you did it yourselves or had it done (like Lisa) too.

I recently bought my 1958 Trotwood Cub and immediately found this whole community of people who love these vintage beauties!

I'm happy to have stumbled onto your blog right at the drumroll...:)

L said...

I LOVE IT! Ohhhhh, the baby blue is perfect! and look at those fins!
You will be happy to know that I had a few customers at the Summer Sale comment about your blog and how they are just in the beginning stages of revamping thier little trailers!
I seriously hope you have a blast with your first trip in her!

The TinCan Cottage said...

Hi, and thank-you so much to all my specail gal pals out there...It is Wednesday, July 15 back on Tuesday, around midnight...Just wanted to say a quick Hello :D and let you know I have tons of pics to post tomorrow/today...I'm so tired;D. Anyway, See you all later...and thanx Oh So Much for your kind thoughts...We Had A Blast! Made a new friend along the way, and weather couldn't have been nicer! Can't wait to tell you all about it!


Ashley said...

Oh wow! I absolutely love it!! Those lights. Man, now I love those! They would match my room. haha.. I can't wait to see a post about the trip!
I'm just so excited for ya!

Anonymous said...

so darn pretty in there...I want to be part of that..give me your addy and I'll send you something pretty so you can put it in there!! It's so darn cozy!! Jennifer Sis Boom

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