Thursday, July 16

More Pics of the Big Reveal!

All Hooked-Up and Ready to Go on HER first outing!

First Break for Lunch on the Road

A few stops along the way

Finally...(says Lena)...Parked at First Camp Site

Are First Visitor right behind our campsite...won't you come in for a cup of tea? (hmmm...maybe not ;)

WELCOME...Come On In!

No , Not the Deer...;D, You Silly!

The Table All Set-Up

You Deserve your favorite Breakfast with Ham,Egg and Cheese Croissant , Fresh Fruit, Orange Juice and Coffee...You worked so hard to get to this point...Luv Ya Hun!

My daughter felt bad for him...He had to drink his juice out of a pink melamine cup...It's all I brought...woops!

Here's a Pic of the Stainless steel Counter Kitchen Area...making our first Breakfast


I cover the micro-wave oven with a vintage tea towel, I can put two more on each side to cover the whole way, handy way to dry them too

Dish washing Soap Dispenser I Made with Matching Label

All the Pretties...

My daughter gave this little shabby cottage recipe box for my Birthday...I use it to hold pretty rose napkins (I spotted it when I was shopping for the fan, I picked it up and just loved it...but when I saw the price tag @15.00 I put it down...she waited til I left the booth, and then went and secretly bought It for of the sweetest gifts she ever got me :D

The Cabinet Doors are Acrylic with Glass Knobs...It turned out really night I put on little tap lights...I'll show some other time.

Isn't this just adorable...these are measuring spoons

Here's a pic of the sisal tiles we put down after I painted the floor...the floor wasn't in very good shape so I cleaned it up with white floor paint and eventually, I plan on painted a black and white tile with floral border, or a faux marble look

I added this basket in the bottom opening...I store my pots and pans in it, not a perfect fit though, I will have to find one a bit bigger

Out and About...we saw this tiny tugboat replica made by the man in this photo from plans he made himself, (WOW) at the boat launch Just Adorable!

Kayaking in the nature preserve...Beautiful and Peaceful

It's time for a good-nights rest after a long day...

Goodnight and Goodbye for Now...Thanx for stopping bye, until next time...



Terry said...

Howdy Christine
Welcome home !!!!!!!!
Love the photos everyone of them :)
There is so much to say .I have goosebumps .
I am in awe of how everything turned out.
Congratulations to you sweetie pie this was so wonderful.
I am thrilled to see that you had a great time .
Lots of big ole Ethel size happy hugs for ya
Blessings to you all .
Happy Trails

Gina said...

Just lovely, Christine! It looks like you guys had a sweet, relaxing time out with the TT. I love everything you'e done and am amazed at how much decorating you fit into her small space!!

I love the stainless countertop. And the sisal flooring: Are they squares? I may look into something like that for my project TT. I thought about bamboo too, but I like the sisal!

Thanks for sharing and letting us drool!!! :D

The TinCan Cottage said...

Hi, just wanted to reply to Gina's sweet blog comments, and answer her question about the sisal flooring, they are squares I purchased as IKEA that were in the Clearance section. They are a click-together type deal, and my husband simply cut them to fit. Usually, as stated in the How-to paperwork that came with them, you lay down a foam under layment by the roll, like the one that goes under faux wood flooring pieces. But, we didn't find that necessary for our application. I simply painted out the scrappy original floor white and applied the sisal squares. I kind of look at everything as temporary, probably because I change my mind alot...I am going to eventually make a "painted floor cloth" with a vine like border and something inside... but actually on the floor. I like easy to clean. That's my motto.:D Just Sweep and Go, that's the Way to Go! I LOATH Housework...soooo many more worth while things to do!;D
Thanx for stopping bye...any other quetions, I'll be glad to respond!

Marie said...

That is so neat!!!!!! Boy, you had everything in there you needed. Love it!

MJ's doghouse said...

i have been following your blog...your little camper is adorable...i wish my husband was that handy...i mean he can erect a lovely tent...but it just isnt the same

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Christine,
Wow! You little Tin Can Cottage turned out GREAT! What fun you had on your first outing, I love your curtains the fabric is perfect and your table cloth is very creative. I adore your green flour, sugar and coffee canisters.
You should be very proud of yourself and Hubby. A Perfect vintage Tin Can Cottage!
Take care and enjoy your day,

Jessica Cangiano said...

Your camper is just too incredibly cool for words! I'm head-over-heels for all of the amazing vintage pieces (and that gorgeous white mirror). You've done some truly stunning work with your wonderful trailer!!! :)

Wishing you a marvelous evening,
♥ Jessica

The Vintage Housewife... said...

oh sweet did a great job and i am so happy you already took her out on the open road...just darn adorable...happy trails...blessings cat

Jean Tuthill said...

Wow! You guys did a great job on the camper. It is soooo pretty! I wish you lots of good times and many happy adventures. I wish I had one!

Joy said...

What a sweet place you have there. Love all your collectibles too. Have a great time in the wilderness!

Ashley said...

I just love it! What more is there to say than that? :) Looks like you all had such a wonderful time!
(Thank you for the sweet comment by the way! I'm mostly finished with everything now!)

Aimee said...

Oh my!! I smiled so big when I ran across your blog b/c my husband and I started a re-do on a Serro Scotty Gaucho this summer and it turned into so much fun. We actually miss it now that it's pretty much finished. So glad to have found you...I'll be visiting often.

Hannah said...

I loved all your photos of your trailer! I am always on the lookout for one to refinish! You blog is very cute!

Katie said...

I love the pictures of your trailer. I have one that I'm attempting to restore. Wish me luck. What kind of paint did you use on the outside, really curious. Im not sure how to go about that part! Your blog is great, I just love it! Great job with the camper, home away from home.

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