Monday, July 27

Happiness ....

Hi, haven't posted lately....enjoying summer and family, so I thought I would post this Art I found on Etsy. If you like, Click on the Word HAPPINESS to go to the artist's blog. This sentiment, is So True!

Hope you are having a Wonderful Summer!



vol25 said...


Thanks are in order. :) One for stopping by my blog, the other for featuring and linking to my happy trailer! :) Yay. Its much apppreciated, and I hope you enjoy the rest of summer!!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

So very true.
I stopped by to say Hi!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Just Ain't It the TRUTH! Thanks for the reminder.

Terry said...

Howdy Christine
Oh what a wonderful post !!!!!
And so very true .
Blessings of happiness to you .
Have a great rest of the week.
Love and hugs
Happy Trails

Anonymous said...

Love that saying.... I wish more people would take it to heart. I think the world would be a much happier place.

Have a great day!
p.s. I will have to try to the deep fried twinkies ;)

Ashley said...

I should have known you would look! I did warn you though! The nail is still hanging in there. I thought my toe was going to fall off all day though! It was some kind of day yesterday! Today I worked out at a store that my uncle bought just to see how I like it in case I want to start out there, and he asked me tonight after I finished how I liked it. All I could say was I'm not too sure yet! I'm going to work Friday out there, and chances are that will be it! I just can't stand there behind a counter all day! I liked the job, but I don't like the not moving and everything! I was wishing all day that I was out in one of those cabins all sticky from humidity, with broken brooms laying all around me! ;)
I'm just not cut out for cash registers! I'm gonna have to be blunt honest with my uncle Friday night! I dread it, but I gotta do it! haha

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