Thursday, July 9

Intermission - While You Wait

Here's a Little Something to watch and reminisce over, while you wait for The "Big Reveal" :D ~ Oh does this bring back memories... (It's the Real 10 minute movie Intermission watch it when you have time....It's worth it!

This One Is from the Seventies...

Tell them what mom?... Oh, I remember, Thanx for stopping by, and my Mom says, be sure to Come Back By Tomorrow for Our "Big Reveal"

Hugs and Sunshine ;D


trash talk said...

How funny! I just recently watched a program on PBS called "Drive In Memories". The intermission was certainly part of these. It said that all the promos were done by one company and how unappealing the food always looked! Isn't it a hoot to see product placement in the 70's one and cigarettes in the earlier one. But I still remember wanting one of those bright red hot dogs!!!

Terry said...

Howdy Sweetie
I love the intermission so many great memories :)
Just rode over to wish you a very
Happy Birthday and well to get a sneak peak :)
Hey I'm only human !!!!!!!!
Have a truly blessed Friday with more joy than you could ever imagine .
Happy Trails

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