Tuesday, July 7

My Big Reveal! Here it Comes! *** SNEAK PEAK ***

Hmmmmmm.... What Color Did I Choose????

Getting Windows Ready to put inside frames!

Lena's watchin' Dad, makin sure he is cleaning them like she told him ;D

Windows Are In!

Door and Windows Re-Screened!

Trailer BLING!

Were All most......there....;D

Hi to all you wonderful gals outthere who have been waiting patiently...As you noticed, I haven't blogged for the past week... well in prepration for The "Big Reveal" ...we have worked hard, took alot of pictures...and in with just a few more, pounds of the hammer, sounds of the air gun, polishing of the aluminum, fluffs of the pillows, stitches on the fabric...

If you would be so kind...just another day or two..;D

Please come back by On FRIDAY, July 10th...In honor of My 45th Birthday.... My "Big Reveal"!

Yeahhhhhhhh!!!:D :D :D :D :D

Thank-you for all your kind words and see Ya on Friday!!!!!!

Oh We're gonna have Some Fun!!!

Sunshine and Laughter,


Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

You bet I will be back...for the reveal and to wish you a Happy birthday too!!!!!

I am so excited..tee hee....I am like a nervous school girl.

My gal is still getting fixed....guess we will not be using her this summer :(......Oh well~)

See you Friday~Sheri

TX Doodler said...

Ooooo, the suspense is too much to bare! I see some functional stuff & some purty stuff. Show us some more...please, please. Can't wait till Friday & Happy BDay!!!

Debbie said...

I am dying to see what you have done!! Happy Birthday too! What a great gift ....a finished vintage trailer!! Where are you going on your first trip in it?

Little Pink Trailer said...

This is the cutest project I've ever seen! I am plotting how I can have one! I am watching for your reveal! Darling, just Darling!

Gina said...

O, wow, I found your blog just-in-time!! Can't wait to see it. I am restoring (sort of) a 1958 Trotwood and can't wait to get it done!!

Terry said...

Howdy Sweetie
Wow I hope I can stand all this waiting.
I am trying really hard not to peek but oh my it is so tempting :)
Happy almost Birthday to you !!!!!
Have a fabulous rest of the week.
Happy Trails

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