Wednesday, October 7

Patio and Garden

Enjoying Our new patio and garden

No, not really, just sitting out front, waiting on our next adventure...

I have a new blog post on my "At Home" section of my blog
when you get the chance, take a look at my Roses Are.. blog post in my "At Home" section of my blog by clicking on the sidebar "at home" for the link , that will take you right there
I will be posting more pics of my "Non-Rolling" Home once a week or so

Try out McKlinky by adding your "Roses Are"comment... and add your blog link...who knows, maybe you'll make a few new friends:D

Meanwhile....Back on the TinCan Cottage Trail....

Here are my latest Interior Decor Pics
I have made a few revisions and downsized....slightly....well, not really, but when I added something new, I took out something old
Most of the new knicknacks are from my "Garage Sale " Anniversary trip
What Treasures I found!

A few months ago, Jennifer Pagnelli sent me this fabric , the red and white pillow on the right, Gratis..that's french for, "Really Kind Women!":D...What A Wonderful thing to do! I'm blown away by her generosity! :D
Thanx Again Jennifer!

Jennifer Pagnelli's fabric line is called, "Sis Boom". Have you seen her designs? Oh My! If you haven't, your missing out! She has wonderful talented people all around her and she sells patterns to make women s and childrens dresses, and what better fabric for a vintage whimsical apron and purses. quilts and pillows too. I will be adding more of her wonderful fabric throughout my tincan cottage.
Click on her link on the right to her shop and blog and see for yourself why I'm Hooked on her fabric!

Heres' another view of this beautiful fabric, It's the Red and White Pillow in front...I'm also using it to cover the microwave

And next to the Microwave, we finally bought a refrigerator...yeah:D...and the best part is, we I found it at my local Salvation Army, brand new, marked 44.99, but with the 25% off sale that day, I bought it for 33.25...WOW, now that's a deal!

I put a spice rack over the counter and added milk glass spice jars, these things I already had
to the right is a garage sale trail find, a vintage cutting board that reads Friday Gardening, I just love the graphics and her red polka dot dress, too cute! Hanging next to it is a vintage tea strainer

Vintage Flower broaches...I'm starting a collection on my curtains, when we were shopping on the road, it made it real easy to just pin them on and away we went! Just what I needed, a New Collection "D

here's another one...:D

I bought the boot (my utensil holder) and the apple and strawberry plaques on the trail, oh, and don't forget...that tiny little mouse coming out of an apple on the sink side...I couldn't resist!

Here a Couple of Garage Sale Trail Treasures I added over each window
You see my theme here, kind of a Floral and Bird thing going on
My House (the one without the wheels) is the same way
You can see pictures of my home under, at home on my Sidebar

quarter here, fifty cents there, a couple of dollars here, a few more dollars there...
It's all good...and all in good Fun!

Well...that's what I tell my husband anyway "D)

Thanx for stopping by!

Miles of Smiles



Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Everything looks so pretty, the red and white fabric is lovely, I really like it and what a deal on the refig.. You have changed things around on your blog, I need to see your roses now and see what else you have been up too.
Enjoy your day,

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Christine! Yor trailer is looking pretty darling there! Great job on the decor! Don't ya just love your little trailer?! I sure do mine!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Ohhhhh...I just love your little trailer! Thanks for the photos.

Kristina said...

Christine, I received a Current Catalog in the mail and while browsing through it found a 2010 Calendar I think you will LOVE. Its call Vintage Travels/Travel Trailer and its full of little trailers like yours. Its $6.99 and here is the link in case you want to check it out:


Lone Star Queen said...

Your trailer is adorable! I really wanted a smaller one but the hubby convinced me to get one a little bigger. I like the way you have decorated yours. We have a pink sink in ours so I'm going to girl it up! I've been having a great time bidding on vinatage items on ebay. So glad I found your blog today and thanks for coming by mine. I look forward to following.

Ashlee said...

your trailer is looking very cute.
i adore the table cloth and little tea towel.
and pinning brooches on your curtains is a really fun idea.

Jennifer Paganelli said...

My fabrics look so happy in your home!!!! Have a great weekend!!

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