Thursday, January 14

Prayers for Haiti - God Bless all those who aid and care for these devasted people...Lord Hear Our Prayers

Lord Here Our Prayer...please bring comfort to all those suffering from this horrible earthquake and all that is necessary to bring aid to these devastated people

Sitting at Home, feeling completely helpless to do something, watching CNN for the latest updates, I was so happy to see one of the first responding teams on the scene with manpower and equipment to begin the enormous task of search and rescue. And the students and Doctors from the University of Miami that went to Haiti this morning and brought back several wounded people to the University Hospital. Doctors Without Borders will be setting up An inflatable MSF field hospital, equipped with two operating theatres, is expected to arrive by air in the next 24 hours. Crucial personnel, including surgeons and anesthetists, and supplementary stocks of medical supplies are on the way as well.and many other countries are beginning to send there own rescue and medical personel as well. Thank You Lord!

When you see devastation of this proportion, affecting many of those already without so much, we come to see just how much we have, and how fragile life is, how trivial our own disappointments and troubles seem, and our own humanity.

Feeling helpless here in the states, With a heavy heart, and tears in my eyes
My post today, is in hopes of joining all who read this, hand in hand in prayer for all those affected, and all those that search and rescue, aid and care on this day and in the many days to follow

God Bless!



Ashley said...

I can't even begin to tell ya how much I have missed you!! Gah! All I could wonder for the longest is where my bloggy friend had went to! Good to have ya back around!
Lots of smiles & hugs!!

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