Monday, January 25

Tootin My Own Horn (really.....)

I just discovered my Tin Cans were used in a Beautiful Southern Wedding in Tennessee, by a Gal named Carrie. Her wedding was last September, she had the tins into an accent as floral holders throughout her wedding theme.

I just thought I would share my delight at then finding out, that not only did she gave these simple cans her her own unique and wonderful accent to her wedding theme, but, her talented photographer, Dixie Pixel , also from Tennessee, brought it all together for her with her own unique photographic style. So much so, that they both made the pages of Southern Weddings, which featured them in an article about Real Southern Weddings. Curious, See if you can spot my tin can candle containers under Dixie Pixels blog link, under Brian and Carrie to see just how she used them in her own unique way. e how to seeYou can find Though this article is not yet online through Southern Weddings Blog, if you live down South, you just might see if for yourself in the December/January Issue. Unfortunately, I cannot find a copy anywhere to see for myself :( I guess they do not sell it here, in Michigan, I have searched high and low :( (Note; if anyone is willing to pick me up a copy, I would be so grateful, and of course send you magazine price and shipping cost :D and a little something extra :)

Though my contribution of my container accent is small in comparison to these two talented and unique women, I feel privileged to have been apart of it, even in this small tincan sort of way. 'D

Thank you Carrie and All The Best Wishes and Lots of Happy Daze to come in this New Chapter in Your Life's Story!

Oh and by the way, be sure to check out Carrie's Invitation and gift shop called ella minnow pea, located in Kingston, Tennessee, if you happen to be in the area, or on-line as well.

You can find all of these links on the right sidebar of my blog as well.

I'm Grinning from Ear to Ear :D , Have a Happy Day!

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TX Doodler said...

Wow Christine! I'm excited for you! The photos of her wedding are incredible!!! Your creations contributed so much to the ambience! How awesome! Would've loved to been invited, then again I bet you would've also. Lol! If I see a copy of Southern Weddings down here, I'll definitely pick you up a copy, girl! Consider it already done (if I find it). Congrats-you deserve it!

Ps-I love your tin candles-they're so purdy. Was always curious about how you captured the camp fire aroma?

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