Thursday, February 18

An Inspiring Artist ~ Meet Lara Harris

Hi, One of my New Years Resolutions was to bring Art into my life. Either by my hand, or by all the talented gals out there.

I have several favorite artists, I'm speaking of Local or "currently living among us"artists. And
I am in Awe of their creative talents. They inspire me in one way or another. In an attempted search for my own creative talent , whatever that will be. Haven't found it yet 'D. I look to them as inspiration in my attempts at finding my own voice in this Creative Life.

Here is one of my Newest Favs, Her name is Lara Harris, and coincidentally, she is from the wonderful state of Michigan. Wait til you see her portraits, they have a vintage flair to them, realistic with a whimsical charm. I just adore her style! Vignettes of all things pretty; from chairs, to portraits of women, oh, and I can't forget her dog portraits. She captures each different dog breed with as much realism as a photograph, Wow! ( I need to erase my pics of my own dogs portraits I posted awhile back on my blog...'D, How embarrassing:))

Check out her blogs links out for yourself. Wait til you see them! Lara sells on Etsy, and does private commissions as well.

You can find Lara featured in the Flea Market Style blog, which should be on newsstands now. I have not found it yet here in Michigan, but, It should be available soon. You can read about her there, or you can follow her blog through this link:
She is so friendly and came right over to say Hi when I dropped by to say I found her lovely artwork. Stop by and take a look for yourself, who know, maybe she will inspire your creative side too!

Hope you have found your Creative side or find inspiration by one of the wonderful gifted Artists amoung us in blogland.

Have A Sunshiny Creative Kind of Day!


Creative Breathing said...

Christine! It's Elizabeth of Creative Breathing. I almost fell off of my computer chair to see that you are from Howell, MI. I go there each and every year. My family Joe and Kathy Wagner live off of Coon Lake Rd on Winterwood. What a small world! I am beyond excited to have your canned ham join our swap. I hope you connect with Paula Clare who has the exact same camper! I haven't a mail out date yet, and I will post my address as we go along. The ladies in this group are mighty talented; so the bar is set pretty high - they intimidate me and challenge me to do my best. I am so happy you found me so that I may know of you! Thank you for your participation! Elizabeth

Creative Breathing said...

Christine! It is me again. I got to thinking about you making so many sets of measuring spoons! You are welcome to change your appliance to something much easier if you like. The tags do not have to reach me until sometime the week before Easter. I will not be mailing out tags until the Tuesday after Easter. We have an entire month to craft! There are such wonderful appliances on the list. This should be such fun! E

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Christine! Back again! People who read this post will be confused by the comments that don't at all relate to the beautiful art story! I will be posting more details about the swap when I begin creating my own, but a jump ahead for you: It looks like we have a total of 13 in the group - a nice, not too large number! The mixer you see IS my tag! I will make 13 of those. I adore your idea of a measuring cup! That will give you space to "decorate" and include a recipe and your blog name on the back. So many of us have been disappointed by tag swaps that we have been in when the tags arrive smushed and ruin the art work; so I request that the "sandwich" method be used by tracing your measuring cup on cardstock paper and then decorating both sides with your printed paper to give some weight to the tag. Adding your images and embellishments will make the tag even sturdier. I ask that the tags be sent in a box to keep them in the best condition. Include $3.00 to help cover return shipping. Your work is so very beautiful, I can just picture little spoons hanging from the cup - can't wait. This should be so much fun. I usually include something Creative Breathing that I have made, still thinking, and a little tag that will look like my tag to recall which swap you participated in. Thank you again so much for participating, I can't wait! Elizabeth

Lara Harris said...

What a sweet post & I can't believe you live in Howell!? We live in Livonia!

I wanted to let you know I have 2 more issues of Flea Market Style that I am giving away on my blog:

Lara :)

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