Tuesday, March 16

A Bit Of The Green!

A Bit O' the Green!

A Cutesy Leprechaun

A Scary Leprechaun....uhh..

Some Happy Wee Folk!

Hey, Can I Say Happy St. Patrick's Day too?....I'm Not Green...But, I'm Cute, and I'm in a GREEN Watering Can!
Sure you can Sweetie!

An Irish Blessing On You! Happy St. Patrick's Day to You Today!



Creative Breathing said...

Stopping by to say hello! What a wonderful way to put up shelves! I must keep this in mind. A way to start a new collection and display it, hmmmm. I love all of your green items, a favorite color of mine. Grouped all together, this is just wonderful! Hope you are enjoying your spring! Elizabeth

奕希 said...
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