Tuesday, March 30

Vintage Kitchen Tag Swap

Here It Is...My Tag Swap Completed!

Phew......didn't know what I got myself into "D

I Hope everyone in the Swap Like It!

Inspired by the 60's Kitchen I Grew-Up In...Here's My Mother Preparing Another One Of Here Famous Casseroles
And Me, there, always by her side in the Kitchen..., trying to Learn Every Recipe, and Every Trick Momma had to Share!

And since She Always told me, "Eat Good Food" , Cook from scratch, from your heart, and everything will always taste good , I came up with this as my theme.

By today's standards, high in calories and cholesterol, but, combined with the right foods, and ate in moderation,
Real Home Cooking is Always the Best.

Big on Butter, but, More Importantly, BIG on LOVE!

I Added, "Eat Good Food"on each Measuring Spoon
to Represent This

This Recipe is One of My Favorites
I Make this Corn Casserole for Easter, So I thought it was the Perfect Recipe to Include on the back of My Tag.
I Hope You Give it a Try , you won't be disappointed "D

I will Include it on My "Kitchen"blog, in It's larger , Written form.

What Are Your Childhood Memories ? What Are You Cooking Up in

Your Kitchen


Craft Room?

Sunshine and Smiles



Sandy said...

These tags are just wonderful! You did an amazing job....they are so nostalgic! I can't wait to get my set back from Elizabeth! I love them!!!!!

VintageBettys said...

We love your tags! What a wonderful job you did. We love the vintage look!!

Have a great week.

Laura and Michele

仁南 said...
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Lallee said...

I saw your recipe on Elizabeth's blog and new I had to make it for Easter. It was SO delicious! Thank you! Your tags are adorable. I had such fun watching the swap from afar.

vivian said...

LOVe your wonderful tag! what a great tag swap this was. Just wanted to stop by and say hi.
have a great week!

She'sSewPretty said...

I was lucky enough to get one of your cute tags and I love it! I love how you layered it with the clear film to make it look like "glass". This swap was so much fun!

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