Monday, April 5

Some Spring Time Pics - Hope Everyone Had a Lovely Easter!

Hope You Had A Wonderful Easter!

A Sneak Peek of a Farm Market Project I'm Working on...

I sell at my Local Farm Markets each year, and this year, I'm selling these Handmade Terrariums or Mini Green Houses... along with my Vintage Seed Pack Tin Cans and Candles

Align LeftI have some French Labels I will be adding too

Don't You just Love these Vintage Seed Packs from the 20's...

I have a Large Collection, I especially love the black backgrounds...they really show-off the vegetable

I still need to paint them out white and give them an Antique Finish

I have several built so far, I need to have them ready by the first week of May
So, I better get back to work "D

I will show them finished, in the next couple of posts

Enjoy Your Day...And ~Thanx for stopping by!

Sunshine and Smiles



K-Falls Farmgirl Cheryl said...

Hello.. I popped over from another's blog.. Love your site.. and the labels are fabulous. Enjoyed my visit and will return. HAppy Spring

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Christine! Love your vintage seed packet pics! Spring is in the air and I am so excited! We are going camping this coming weekend! WooHoo! Have a wonderful week!


Ashley said...

Hi there! I hope you had an amazing Easter!
I'd say those cans are gonna be lovely! I'm loving the peas packet. I just love peas. haha..
I'm glad you like my blog! I didn't get to use the background I wanted, so I had to grab one from Shabby Blogs because of where I upload my photos. It was driving me nuts! haha..
I would LOVE to do your blog. And you know what? I wouldn't even think once about getting you to pay for it! I remember back when I redid my blog a pretty good while ago, you left me a comment, and that comment made me think it would be nice to start a free blog design site for those who can't afford to buy one. I may just think about that.
I'll leave you my email so you can email me if you would still like for me to do it that way we can figure out what would be perfect for ya!

I think it will be so much fun!

Lots of Smiles Your Way!

Sandra said...

And hoping you had a happy Easter as well!

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