Saturday, May 1

Spring Time on My Tiny Wisteria Filled Porch

This is my Six Season with the Wisteria

The Best Show of all the years.....Wow!

And...I wish you could Smell them.... hmmmm...

You Have to Love Bees....I Don't Mind them....

But They Do Chase Me off my own porch now and then though... :D

You should here All the Buzzng.....

And , they are the Size of a Quarter...Wow!

Hold Still for your Close-Up Mr Bummble

There you Go...

The Daffodils are almost done

Even A Tiny Porch Can Be A Special Place ....

If you Make it Your Own

I Made my Fairy Door to look like the one on my house...still need a flower basket though....Have You Welcomed the Fairies to your Garden?

A View from the Porch


Deb said...

The wisteria is beautiful especially next to the yellow flowers.

Jill said...

Your garden is beautiful! I LOVE that wisteria and the little fairy door. Fairies are always welcome in my garden-- gnomes, too. I recently created a "fairy garden" that I posted about a couple posts back-- so fun!

Creative Breathing said...

Just beautiful! Was it difficult to learn to prune? My next door neighbor's wisteria on her pergola is in danger of taking over her house! Oh how I would love your beautiful front entryway! Letting you know we have 17 participants in our post card swap! I have posted an information post with all the details you need. Please feel free to leave any questions you may have there, and I will answer there as well! have a wonderful weekend! Elizabeth

Sandra said...

GASP! How beautiful, I can almost smell the scent of that lovely wisteria!

AshTreeCottage said...

Your garden and porch are so lovely! Your wisteria is just fabulous!! It's been so cold here that my wisteria is just starting to leaf out. I don't think it will be as beautiful as yours though. Enjoy your sweet garden and porch!!

Susan and Bentley

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