Thursday, March 11

I Won! I Won! Lucky Me! I Won

Let's Just Say....I Never Win Anything, Well, only once before, now that I think about it. It was back in 1981 when I was a Junior in High School. I went to my Local TV Station , Chanel 7 - WXYZ ,( maybe you can see the show her, on The Best Of archives hosting site) in the audience taping of a Show called, Kelly and Company. I went with my best friend Debbie, her Mom and My Mom. Anyway, can't remember what the show was about, but, I do remember , my friend and I were dressed like praire girls, with long ruffly skirts, and cowbirl boots...don't remember why,...hmmmm....must of been the Theme of the show or something. But, as it went, under my seat a card with a random number, when a caller to the show was asked to pick a number, low and behold, it was mine. To my surprise, John Kelly, and His Wife, Marilyn Turner, the married TV Hosts, , Celebrities at the time in my town, anounced the Grand Prize of a Garage Door Opener. Well, needless to say, my parent's didn't have a Garage and well, Let's just say, I should of been put on the Oscar List for Best Actress in a "real life" drama.
I smiled, and was polite, and acted excited on live television. At least that's what my mom says. Love You Mom!

But, this time, my Joy is Real! Thanx to Lara Harris, I have finally won something I can use!

The Copy of Flea Market Style and a Giclee print of my choice from Lara Harris, By Lara Harris, Wow! Now That's A Good Prize!

Thanx Again Lara, for the generous Giveaway!

Here is the Glicee Print I Picked from her Etsy Shop

This will look Lovely when I hang it within a Vintage Frame in my Make-up Area of My Boudoir, will post this on my At Home Blog as soon as it's in. Can't wait to show you.

The magazine arrived at the perfect time, with these warm spring like 50's kind of days, I'm able to sit in my TinCan Cottage and Craft and Read again...

Well Back to my magazine, and working on my Tag Swap, Tags....until next time,

Have A Sunshiny - Winning Kind of Day!



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