Friday, March 5

Fun With My Tag Swap ~ My Creative Mess

Vintage Kitchen Tag Swap

My Creative Mess..."D

Do I Need A Craft Room or What? "D

I forgot to tell you...I'm A Messy Cook/Crafter :D

I'm Easily Distracted...don't you know...You May Not Be Able to See...but, guess what blog I was on, when I shot this picture?...Yes, that's Elizabeth's Lovely Creative Breathing Blog....I Better Get Back to Work "D

Below, are some hints to just what I've got in mind for my tag...

Maybe Some Embellishments?....

My MUSE...some brighter colors perhaps....

Some of this Pretty Paper...

And I Will Be Sure to Include a RECIPE from the: TinCan Kitchen

Some More of My Creative Mess...

A Closer Look....Pyrex or GlasBake....Hmmm...probally going with PYREX...don't want anyone to think I can't spell..."D... the Glasbake measuring cups are spelled with One "S"...Did you ever notice that?...

Look like Glass Yet?

Elizabeth, Thank-You for this Wonderful Swap... Having A Blast With These Tags...

Got to Go's gonna be a L o n g N i g h t... ; D

Thanx for Stopping By To See What I'm Up To...:D

Have A Sunshiny Kind of Weekend!



Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Christine,
I love the gift tags you are making for the tag swap. You are so creative, I think receiving a special gift tag on a gift is so special it's a gift in itself.
You have been working on your blogs and they look great.
I always enjoy visiting you!.
Take care and have a wonderful day,
Big hug, Elizabeth

barncat said...

Just had to come over and peek at the tags you're making, looking good! I finished mine last night, I had a blast with them, I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone's!

Going now to look at some of your vintage trailer posts, I'm so jealous, I bet you have so much fun traveling and decorating it! I'm still mad at my hubby's best friend for selling his to someone besides me a few years ago, it was perfect!

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