Thursday, March 4

The Latest In My Creative Adventures!

Hi, One of my New Years Resolutions was to bring Art into my life. Either by my hand, or by all the talented gals out there.

Currently, I am working on my "Crafty Side" by joining in on Elizabeth of Creative Breathing Blog, in a Vintage Tag Swap. I tend to jump in to things head first ") and boy , this one is a doozy with 13 total tags to be made. Pheww! Of course, my dear creative Elizabeth is already past these tags, and working on her fourth or fifth adorable project. You just have to stop by and see her in action! She is Truly, my Crafting Hero and Mentor!

These talented ladies, either, crafters , quilters, or full blown artists, Inspire me to create something every day I am in Awe of their creative talents. They inspire me in one way or another. In an attempted search for my own talents , whatever that will be. "D Haven't found it yet 'D. I look to them as inspiration in my attempts at finding my own voice in this Creative Life.

Here is one of my other Favs, Her name is Lara Harris, these are just a few of here latest works of art, and my current favs! Coincidentally, she is from the wonderful state of Michigan. Wait til you see her portraits, they have a vintage flair to them, realistic with a whimsical charm. I just adore her style! Vignettes of all things pretty; from chairs, to portraits of women, oh, and I can't forget her dog portraits. She captures each different dog breed with as much realism as a photograph, In fact, Lara has just won WBRK Westie Radio," painting below, Won for Best Entry Depicting a Dog From the Terrier Group at the 2010 Art Show at the Dog Show!

Check out her Blog links out for yourself. Wait til you see them! Lara sells on Etsy, and does private commissions as well. And by the way, Lara just so happens to be having a "Giveaway", although it does end tomorrow, Friday, March 5th. "D Sorry so late :D

You can find Lara mentioned in the Flea Market Style magazine, which is on newsstands now. And featured on Flea Market Style Blog right now. You can read about her there, or you can follow her blog through this link
She is so friendly and came right over to say Hi when I dropped by to say I found her lovely artwork. Stop by and take a look for yourself, who know, maybe she will inspire your creative side too!

Hope you have found your Creative side or find inspiration by one of the wonderful gifted Artists among us in blog land.

Well, back to my Tags! (see next post for just what I'm Up To! :D

Have A Sunshiny Creative Kind of Day!


Lara Harris said...

Thank you so much for such a sweet post! :)

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Christine, You are so sweet to mention my blog. I saw my tag, I can't wait to see yours! I am in a slowdown now waiting for inspiration to come. You are so right, in this community, it's never far away. Do you just love the Westie painting! Cute beyond words! Have a lovely weekend! Elizabeth

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