Monday, May 31

New Logo Button Thanx - I'm On The Road Again!

I would like to also thank finally Miriam @ Made Right Designs ....and I think she really "made it right"...right the way I wanted it! Thank You Miriam! I would highly recommend her for any of your Custom Graphics ideas. Let her know what you are looking for, and she will come up with something very special for you! And she is SO Easy to work with! You can find Miriam 's talented Shop on Etsy And she has a blog, with tutorials on how to make gift boxes from her vintage inspired papers. That's how I found her, and I am so glad I did! Thanx Miriam for creating something especially for me!


I have another post to add today, see, now I can't seem to stop blogging....:D

I am packing for my First Camping Trip of the Season. Woohooooooo! :D I'm So Excited!

First UP the Lake Michigan Scenic Highway to Ludington then back down to Grand Haven, where we will be camping right on the Beach of Lake Michigan! From Sunday , June 6th til June 12th,...then off to Irish Hills, Michigan to Heluva Good 400 Sprint Cup Series @ Michigan International Speepway! I'm Off to the Races! We will tail gate in the Tin Can, and then spend the rest of the day enjoying the excitement of Nascar! And Adam Sandler will be the Grand Marshall, I can hear him now, "Gentelmen, Start Your Engines!" I can't Wait!Since I don't leave til next Sunday, I will have Loads of Pics of My Trailer as I pack throughout the week. I have changed a few things, bought a few things, rearranged a few other things , well you get the picture "D....I would love to show you!
So, Please Come On Back when you get the chance! :D

Miles of Smiles !


Sandra said...

God speed on your journey!

Erin said...

I love NASCAR. Have a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

聰明的人喜歡猜心 雖然每次都猜對了卻失去了自己的心..................................................

冠宛君中 said...
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chrry said...
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