Thursday, June 17

Greetings from Our Michigan Vacation

Had A Wonderful Vacation with My Whole Family!

My Daughter and Son were able to come :D

We had a Wonderful time....

Kayaking, Hiking, Fishing, Sunning and Just Relaxing

Also, I have to mention, I met a New Friend Along the way, her name is Kim...HI YA Kim! ( you can leave a comment at the end of this post if you like, so I know You came by...:D, or E-Mail if you like....I will E-Mail later today, I miss you all ready! )

She already has a twin....named Kate, but, I think "I " am her twin :D, we hit it off right away. You know the meeting, get chatting, don't stop and just feel like you have always known each other, and are simply catching up on things going on in each others lives
Of Course, I told her all about the world I have found in Blogging, and all the Wonderful and Creative gals I have met here.

Just getting back into my "Groove" again since returning home last Sunday
Unpacked and Cleaned Up Until our next Trip, I have finished and shipped out
17 Tags for Elizabeth's Vintage Post Card "Wish You Were Here" Tag Swap, (hint...the Top "Greeting From Grand Haven" is the vintage postcard that Inspired the Vintage Post Card Swap "Wish You Were Here"
I will Post all the Cards as soon as I get them...I can't wait to see them all! :D

A Day At the Beach

And A Mermaid Too...

Kayaking at Hamlin Lake adjacent to Lake Michigan

Memories in the Making :D

Wild Life at Ludington State Park

Michigan has So Much to Offer if you Love the Great Outdoors

We took a four mile walk to the Big Sable Point Light House, Notice the Sandals...Most of the Trail is I prefer to start off with Sandals, then I don't have to carry heavy shoes..."hey Fam...Wait-Up..."

This Is Why I Stay In The Back..."D...You Have the Best Views! "D

Almost There.....

Yeah....Were' Here!
We Were Greeted by the Light House Host/Keeper with "Welcome to My Home" , these Wonderful people Volunteer Two Weeks of there Summer, to stay in the Lighthouse to keep the Lighthouse History Alive

On The Way Up...

Can't See Your Pretty Face....Oh, That's Better.....

My Handsome Guys!

A View of the Fog House

Heading back down...

This Piece of Driftwood seemed to be Pointing..."This Way Back"...
What Do You Think?

Walking back to Camp...boy, did we work-up an appetite!

Better Get Dinner Started

Next Post, "In the Tin Can Kitchen"...

Thank - You for Coming By...

Have A Sunshiny Kind of Day!



Cindy said...

Oh my..I want your Tin Can! We have a 40 ft 1998 King of the Road 5th wheel..I know we will be comfortable traveling in it..and of course there is plenty of room living in it...but oh heartstrings are with the little loved Shastas and vintage scotties..and the tear drops!! We had one similiar to yours growing up..5 of us crammed in it..of just about did everything outside all naps in hammocks..What great memories!!
I will be joining you on your I am signing up as a follower. We are also on the same team of the Wish you were there tags..and the camper tags.
Looking forward to collecting them all.

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Creative Breathing said...

Christine! Your vacation photos are just wonderful! Especially fun after receiving your postcards today. My gosh the stamping and cutting and photo copying. Such a lot of work, and oh my gosh so incredibly super! I just love them! I can't wait for your tin can kitchen post. What fun you are having! Enjoy Father's Day! Elizabeth

Anonymous said...
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Sandra said...

Looks like a fabulous vacation and I'm still in sinful lust over the Shasta!

Paula Clare said...

WOW...your "canned ham" is GORGEOUS! I LOVE IT! Your adventures are a gazillion times better because you have it to travel with! Beautiful color ... DROOL!

Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

How fun! Seems like such a great vacation! {This year was my first time taking a vacation since 2003!} My mom is originally from Michigan, but I have no idea if she has been around that area. I'd say so. Her parents liked to travel. Her and her brothers went back up a few years ago, but I wasn't able to go. That was a bummer. haha
I love that turtle! I just love turtles in general! haha.. We have had tons of turtles coming out around these parts lately. It's strange really. Normally it's just snapping turtles, but there have been tons of soft shell turtles crawling around. I would love to go up that lighthouse as well!

Oh and I really think I'm going to love this season of Top Chef!

Lots of Smiles!!

Anonymous said...


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