Monday, May 23

Flea Market Finds and Freebees too!

 Un-Loading All the Treasures

A Two Vintage Setees, Two Bird Plaques, Two Little Indians, Two Christmas Cuties, A handful of Milk Caps, and A Couple of Freebies Too!  

Set of Two Syroco Bird Plaques I will Shabby Chic'd Out

 One Little Two Little Indians....Just Had to Have these Two Little Cuties....Favorite Find of the Day!
Sweet Gal at the booth too!

Three Adorable Vintage Christmas Houses, thinking of keeping these out all year round...

 Nine Assorted Vintage Milk Caps, there's Chocolate, Skim, and Heavy Cream

 A Christmas Elf Pixie

... A Tiny Christmas Angel...I call her my "Smoking Angel" her candlestick looked like she was holding a cigarette when I found her....I adjusted it ofcourse...Can't have any Christmas Angels puffing on cigarettes "D

Two Vintage Joining Settees 
My Daughter found these for her Porch
We're gonning to make cushions ourselves for these....or repurpose some that we find...
I will show pictures of the After :D

 Now for the F R E E Stuff......

This Little Beauty Here....

It's a lighted Top of a Globe Torch type of lamp
The very Sweet Vendor noticed my Daughter and I looking at it, and said we could have it as we were discussing what we could do with it...
What a Nice Surprise
Thinking of replacing the old bulb part with a hanging light kit...

And...This Rusted and Ready Stool....This was another...

 F R E E  Find of The Day.....
It was one of the first things I had written on my Wish List Notepad that was tucked in my shopping cart...
Though this one was found in my Subdivision Trash, as we left for the Extravaganza at 5 o'clock in the morning....I think I better wake up earlier on our trash day from now on....:D What Treasure we're you lucky enough to find in your dumpster dive?

( The Two Bird Plaques I purchased at the Flea Market -  I will Paint out Shabby Chic Patina )

                    Left the Flea Market @ 5 pm and Since we Still had the Shopping Bug, made a quick stop at the local Good Will store just before heading home....
Found this Lovely Syraco Floral Shelf ready to be Shabby Chic'd Out...."D and go on my GuestBathroom Wall  
and since I can never resist milk glass....just had to pick up two more pieces of milkglass...Now where am I gonna put them?..."D


 Recognize this Beauty....
This was another F R E E Item I found at the Extravaganza....
No Shame here, Picked it off the ground on the Side of A Trashcan...on the drive out of the parking lot

A Discarded Treasure by a Vendor who just didn't see It's Potential "D
Stripped of it's skin...
I have plans for this beauty....wait and see "D

Thanx for stopping by to see what Treasures I found on my trip to the Springfield Extravaganza!
What Did you find at your Weekend Flea Market , Thrift Store and Garage Sales?



Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Christine, what a lot you've got! The smokin' angel is hilarious. My favourites are the bird plaques and the benches, can't wait to see what you do with them. xx

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