Wednesday, May 18

Springfield Extravaganza.......HERE I COME!!!

 Cleaning - Up the Flea Market Cart....
Finished My New Cart Liner last Night...
Robins Egg Blue and Finch two favorite colors to put together... with White Silk Ribbon Ties
I'm Goin' in Shabby Flea Market Style!

 Three Pockets for Water, Coffee, and Coca-Cola...The Three Essentials to A Successful Shopping Day!


It's Empty Now...."D 
 I'll Take another Picture on Saturday...
I Made Tags with the Booth Numbers  I Just Don't Want to Miss...

And , Of Course...My Personalized Shopping Bag

 Just Added some Vintage Labels from my Tin Can Label Collection and just a few of my Vintage Brooches and Pins

 All Set and Ready to Go!!!

Springfield Flea Market Extravaganza Here I Come!!!

 A Girls Gotta' Shop...

Treasures Galore!
And of Course...A Girls Gotta Eat...

Home of the "Giant" Pork Chop and CreamPuffs....Mmmmmmmmm!Pass the Fudge Sauce....!

 Can't Wait for Saturday!

Have You Ever Been to The Springfield Extravaganza?

What Treasures did You Find? 



Kathy said...

Christine - thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Looking forward to meeting you (I'll watch for your fabulous cart pulling up to our booth!!). The weather report is perfect for some serious shopping! See you there!


Paula Clare said...

Hi Christine! What state? YOU simply MUST tell me! I'm heading to Springfield, MO this weekend...could it be possible I've picked the weekend of this flea market?!?!? DO TELL!

JunqueMagnet said...

Now that is one snazzy cart and bag (I have a bunch of junque totes I recently repurposed which will be on display)!!Excited to meet you so make sure you say hi although I'm pretty sure I'll recognize youre fabulous cart.The only down side of selling my own junque is that I can't get out there and buy more during the show!!!!Have a terrific journey.

Bee happy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment. Now I get to follow you and see what you are up to! I love your shopping trolley, so handy and cute :) wish I were going shopping with you, looks fab ;)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Kelle said...

Love, love the cart! Looks like a fabulous sale! Wish I could be there too so shop a LOT for me ok? (:


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