Wednesday, October 12

Flea Market and Estate Sale Finds

Meet My Sweet Little Rag Doll 

I'm working on a new Dress and Apron for Sally 
I found her at the estate sale I worked on last month
She was Too Sweet to Stay there with The Mean and Nasty 
Workers ...Honestly, The Company was called TLC....What Nerve! HA!

Now for Some Flea Market Finds..

 A Plastic  Santa Cookie Jar , dated 1973 I found it at the Mega Mall
Third Sunday FleaMarket...Love that place

Jack-o-Lantern Light
another Mega Mall find

Santa's Tiny Helper Pixie
Midland Antique and Flea

Truck Full of Clothes Pins 
I had the Truck added the Colorful Pins

Honey Jar with a Vintage Daffodil Decal
this lovely bottle has little bees molded into the glass on the front and the back...don't think you can see it in this picture...but it's Adorable 

Cutsie Skating Pixie

Wagon of Skeletons

Striped Pixie I call "String Bean"

 Felt Pin Cushion

 Mr . Mrs. Claus on a Christmas Truck Float

I found the Truck at the Mega Mall...
and Mr. Mrs. Claus at the  Midland Antique and Flea MarketI
I just had to put the two together...It Reminded me of a Christmas Parade Float

 Truckin' Into Christmas
Well, After I Decorate for Halloween that is..."D


Annie said...

I have the same sweet light up jack o lantern! It was my grandmas and I smile everytime I bring it out for Halloween and think of her.

Hugs~ Angela

The Rustic Chick said...

Love the Santa cookie cute to put out during the holidays!

Betsy said...

Oh these are all so cute! I wish I could have been there with you. Looks like my kind of place. I love looking at your picturs. So much vintage goodness!

Paula Clare said...

EEP! The truck and the mr and mrs is gorgeous! I LOVE the Christmas tree you added to it. It's THE perfect Christmas decoration! VERY designer chic! Love your always!

Amy B. said...

What great finds!! Don't you feel like you won the lottery or something when you get good finds!! I certainly do!

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