Monday, October 24

Spooky Cuteness - All Around the House - Part 1

Found this ADORABLE 70's Ceramic Light Up Owl at my local Salvation Army

Found this Huge Black Widow in Texas...You Know...Everything is Bigger in Texas...Even Spiders :D

HandMade Cuteness

ALL SMILES...on this Adorable Black Cat by A Local Michigan Artist

Found these Adorably Spooky Clay Skull Heads at a                  Flea Market in Texas last Summer

My MAID is Cookin' Up  Something Spooky in my Toxic Kitchen - Wooooooooooo.....

I Love these SPOOKY Witches...I found the bottom one at Salvation Army years ago and the Top one , Her Sister Broom Hilda at Big Lots this Fall, She's SMILIN' Big because she has a Bottle of Chianti under her Dress...

Handmade Cuteness

For Sale on Etsy

**  Part 2 **   

Outside Decorations


Setting Up for Tonight

 Gettin My Candy Ready for the Trick or Treaters Tonight...There will be over 200...Yep Every Year

Scary Fairy Door


  Lot's of Halloween SMILES to You! 


Lynn said...

I love all of your wonderful Halloween decor!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Zootsuitmama said...

I am having such a great time this year peaking in on everyone's Halloween decor! It's all really great! Love the spidery pumpkin centerpiece!

Lynn said...

hey, I am follower 173

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