Tuesday, January 24

FINAYLY...Getting Around TUIT Tuesday!

Shame On Me...But I am Finally Getting Around "Tuit"

Participating in  Sherry of A Happy Valentine:  Getting "TUIT" Tuesday...So I Can Get To ....
Putting My Christmas Room Away

I'm Not Lazey, I Swear! 

I just love looking at My Christmas Room, and All The Adorable Pixie and Sparkly Cuteness!

 Goodbye til Next Year Mr. / Mrs. Clause!

Goodbye Adorable Pixies!


Now I just have to Take it All Downstairs and Put it in Bins...Phew....I'm Gett'n there!

Looking Forward to Next Christmas... 

There's Always Valentines Day Right!



Sherry @ A Happy Valentine said...

Yayyy for you, getting your Christmas put away! I don't blame you for leaving it out for a while though, you sure have some cute decorations.

Thank you for linking up to the first Tuit Tuesday. I've enjoyed my visit to your blog so much! I'm signing up as a new follower. My family has an older silver Avion camper that we take out several times a year and I want to come back to your blog when I have lots of time to check out your camping adventures and your links!

It's so nice to meet you! ~ Sherry

Debbie Doughty said...

Mine is still up... I don't plan on taking it down before February...

Annie said...

Hi Christine!

I can't wait to see what you have for Valentine decor!

You amaze me girl!



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