Thursday, February 23

Flowers and Fleas


One Last Look at My Valentine Rose Bouquet....
The Sun Was Setting and Shining on my Rose Bouquet 
So I decided to take one last photo 
Beautiful , Don't You Think? 

What I've been up to Since Valentine's Day...

Working on My "Flea" 
This Shabby Chic Table and Chairs
(found at Salvation Army last summer, I'm finally getting going on it)

 The Backs and Cushions will have Matching White Muslin Fabric
I will have to Recover the Backs and then Add Fabric Covered Buttons
Here is one of the chairs I have already started , taking off the back , this shows the frame
 The backs are just wood with batting and then the "Naugahyde" (that's what it says on the inside of the vinyl
when I took it off...that's funny...:D Is there Such a thing as "naugahyde"?

The Seats will be in the form of a Lined Muslin Ruffled Skirted Slip Cover like this one I found on Etsy
So that I can take them off to wash them, since I am very Messy when I eat "D

I'm Leaning toward a Double Ruffle
What Do You Like?

I will give these a try myself, since these lovely ones found on Etsy, are $45 a piece...
Oh My
I'm sure their work is beautiful, but I just can't see paying that

 The Table Base and Chair Frames will be Painted out White to accentuate the beautiful Scroll Details
It is what sold me on this beauty, So Lovely to Me, I could just see the whole thing painted out White
with a little antiquing to show off the Scrolls Details 
Can You Picture It?
So, This will be 
My "Before"

I'm Finally getting around to this project 
I will Show the "After" 
"After" I'm Done...."D 
Smiles, Christine


Sherry @ A Happy Valentine said...

Oh my, the table and chairs are beautiful! I can't wait to see what you do with them.

There's a joke the guys in my home pass around, "How many naugas do you have to have to get enough hides(hydes) to cover a couch?" Just some of that old red-neck humor. :)

Christine said...

That's too funny:D Really..."D I wonder where/who came up with "nauga" hyde???"DFunny!

Sharon said...

I think that your project will turn out lovely. I like the double ruffle. Please show us an "after photo".

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